5 Best Practices for Perfect Footwear Product Photography

Footwear Product Photography

Shooting shoes can be interesting. Shooting a tennis shoe is a certain something, yet getting incredible pictures of a very good quality Jimmy Choo stiletto is another.

With regards to capturing the perfect footwear image, there are numerous approaches. You may need to work with a model. However, you’re bound to shoot an independent shoe nowadays.

For the reasons for this article, we’ll tackle the last alternative. We’ll give you a bit-by-bit interaction of how to take pictures of shoes. We’ll guide to accomplish incredible outcomes. You can as well as get a few hints and tricks to remember for your shoe product photography shoot.

1. Start with an appropriate setup

Try not to sit around attempting other arrangement alternatives. Get a lightbox or a move of consistent white paper with an excellent, non-intelligent surface. Whatever else will cost you huge loads of time attempting to make your shots look perfect.

Try not to drive them excessively far back in your scene. Otherwise you’ll end up with strange shadows that will be difficult to erase afterward.

2. Add lighting

Once more, save yourself time and dissatisfaction by utilizing reliable lighting strategies. A lightbox will require one light on one or the other side and one from the top. This will make your experience overall quite light and essentially dispose of shadows.

Shooting consistently requires a comparative methodology, yet you’ll need to tinker somewhat more to make those annoying shadows vanish. A three-light arrangement functions admirably likewise — one on one or the other side and one lighting the foundation.

3. Get the right points

With regards to plots for shoe photography, more will be more. The primary points to zero in on are straightforwardly head-on, top down, and 3/4; whenever you have those, pivot the shoe totally to ensure you have bunches of different points.

Here are only a couple of possible plots for you to attempt:

Potential purchasers should see the sole of the shoe, for instance.

In case you’re experiencing difficulty saving the shoe set up for a portion of the odd points, have a go at shooting from beneath through glass (for the sole shot) or holding it set up with some shrewdly tied string — you can generally Photoshop it out later.

4. Twofold check your subtleties

Certainly, shoes are practical things, but on the other hand, they’re style. On the off chance that something grabs your attention, ensure you highlight it noticeably in your pictures. 

The famous Air Jordan logo and the interesting surface of the shoe are caught well here, as you can unmistakably see the plan subtleties. Also, checkout any shoe photography ideas that you may come across on the net.

5. Tidy it up in Photoshop

Indeed, even the most carefully arranged photograph can bear having a little final detail. Perhaps you’ll need footwear photo editing to make the subtleties pop, or possibly you saw a minuscule scratch on the shoe when you pull it up on the screen. In any case, editing your shoe pictures is a fundamental advance. You can Outsource footwear photo editing on the off chance that you don’t want to go through hours in Photoshop.

A couple of things to recollect when capturing shoes:


This one should not shock anyone. Clients need things to be in flawless condition when they show up, and a shoe that looks worn, scraped, or grimy is a major side road. On the off chance that your subject shoe has any defects whatsoever, or regardless of whether they need a speedy clean, put in the additional work to ensure it looks awesome.

Clear the messiness

While we’re on that note, ensure your arrangement is spotless and great, as well. If you’re shooting more than one shoe style at a time, ensure the consistent foundation paper has no imprints or wrinkles. You can utilize little props to get the shoe to remain in the positions you’re searching for, yet if they show on camera by any means, ensure they’re perfect, as well.

Right lighting and shading

On the off chance that that picture taker had utilized unbiased lighting (as a rule somewhere in the range of 5000 and 6000 Kelvin) and if they’d ensured their white equilibrium was right on the money — either in-camera or in post — the shading would be exact.

When you’re fixing your white equilibrium in after creation, something more on that point ensures that your screen has been adjusted as of late and that you’re sending out your documents effectively.


To establish a precise connection of what the shoe resembles, you should be sure you have consistency all through your set. It would help if you had the shading and lighting to be something very similar from one photograph to another, so your watcher doesn’t consider them to be as turquoise on one edge and green on another, for instance. This will help ensure the surfaces go over precisely too.

Check your lighting, your central length, your opening, and your overall edge to ensure that your pictures look consistent all through.

Make legitimate shoe shapes

Tall boots that are floundering over aren’t attractive to any purchaser, for instance.

You may need to get considerably more imaginative for shoes with more slender textures or subtleties like strips. On the off chance that some end up looking out, you can generally tidy it up after creation.

For boots, take a stab at adding completion with folded paper.

Think about the specific situation

There are various approaches to move toward shoe photography, and your ideal final result will differ, contingent upon where and how the picture will be utilized.

It would help if you comprehended what little subtleties are critical to shoe customers in your particular market and which they don’t think often about.

Somebody hoping to buy best summer shoes for their child will often think about altogether different things than somebody who needs translucent white shoes for their big day, for instance.

If you need the shoe to fly off the screen and captivate purchasers, you should focus on the distinctions fit as a fiddle and the sheen of the material.

If you’re shooting for most eCommerce locales, however, your inventive decisions will be quite restricted. The business standard is a white foundation, with next to zero shadows and a more prominent field, so subtleties are completely clear front to back. Ensure you nail this strategy, and your eComm customers will be content with the outcome.

In summation

Pushing ahead with your footwear photography, with these tips, your next shoe shoot ought to be a breeze. Put forth the attempt to make pictures that are perfect, flawless, and alluring, and you’ll have cheerful customers selling shoes in a matter of moments.