8 Main Features of Best Sushi Rice Cooker You Must Know

Rice is one of those staple foods that are consumed in every part of the world in different styles and flavors.

Best sushi Rice Cooker

Rice is one of those staple foods that are consumed in every part of the world in different styles and flavors. One of them is sushi which is mainly a Japanese dish but now enjoyed everywhere.

For making sushi you need the best sushi rice cooker that is loaded with all the features that a sushi cooker should have. Moreover, this rice cooker can handle even tricky types of rice.

Key features to look for in the best rice cooker

Here is the list of essential features that a rice cooker must have to be the masterpiece of your kitchen.

1. Capacity:

The capacity of a rice cooker is generally calculated based on the number of cups of uncooked rice it can hold. Large rice cookers can hold up to 10 cups of uncooked rice. Whereas smaller ones can hold up to 5 cups of uncooked rice.

Best Sushi Rice Cooker

Choose the rice cooker capacity on the number of people you are going to feed.

2. Lid type:

Best sushi rice cooker comes in two varieties that are sealed and unsealed.

Sealed lids prevent spattering of the ingredients on the floor but it is tough to clean. Whereas unsealed ones cheaper, easy to clean and use but it does spatter ingredients on the floor while cooking.

3. Cost:

Price plays a major factor while buying a rice cooker because some companies charge a very high price for their in the name of features but the best sushi rice cookers are affordable and come with features of high rated sushi rice cookers.

4. Cooking program:

A sushi cooker that works as a multi-purpose cooker is a blessing in itself. An appliance with multiple operations works great as you can steam vegetables, prepare soups and cook meat in it.

The user can even cook rice in different styles including sushi by customizing the temperature and timings for every type of rice.

5. Warranty:

Warranty differs from brand to brand. Sometimes the price of the best sushi rice cooker is increased because of more warranty. It is always better to buy a product which comes with a minimum 1-year warranty to make yourself secure about the product.

6. Ease of cleaning:

People find it tough to use a rice cooker that is not dishwasher safe. Look for the rice cooker which is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. Make sure the cooker you are buying has its inner pots coated with non-stick coating as the food does not stick at the bottom and is very easy to clean.

Another option for the inner pot material is stainless steel, although it is more durable but is somewhat trickier to clean.

7. Modes:

The rice cooker for sushi rice comes with two modes that are the sushi mode and the stream mode.

Rice cooker that is not specially made for making only sushi rice comes with sushi mode that cooks sushi compatible rice. Making sushi rice in this cooker is just one touch button away.

Some rice cookers do not come with a special sushi option but do come with a steaming mode which fits suitably for sushi rice. Adding to this you can also steam other ingredients like vegetables and meat in it.

8. Accessories:

While buying a sushi rice cooker make sure you get good and valuable accessories with it as it makes the work easy. Standard accessories that are included in the package are a spatula and two measuring cups.

If you buy a higher standard sushi rice cooker then you might get a spatula holder and a steaming basket with the package.

Work out on your needs and desire and set your budget, then you will not find any problem finding the best sushi rice cookerfor yourself. Get thorough the features and gift yourself the best sushi made in your best sushi rice cooker.

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