Factors To Know Before Buying The Temperature Screening Camera!

If you are one among all thinking to buy the temperature screening camera, there are a few things he must know. In the post, we are going to elaborate on the factors one must consider before buying the temperature screening cameras. The tips we discussed are witnessed from deep research. So it would be better for you to consider such pointers. Many companies are today investing in thermal screening cameras, but they are confused with many things. Many of the folks outside, who did not know shit about the cameras, but now they are claiming to be an expert of the camera. The camera does not only include knowledge about thermography but also requires knowledge regarding physiological effects. Now let us continue with the main topic about factors to consider before buying the thermal camera.

How does the thermal camera work?

The thermal camera catches the radiated infrared energy of the specific object from its surface. The energy captured by the camera converts itself into a mathematical temperature reading. The temperature reading is calculated based on each pixel, which is associated with the colours; and then it represents the colour. The accurate temperature is based upon the emissivity, spatial resolution, drift temperature, noise, etc. The temperature drift is created by the camera’s lenses and electronic warm up.

What Thermal Cameras Detect?

The Thermal Cameras basically detect the temperature of surface skin temperature. Many of the folks think that the thermal cameras are helpful to detect whether someone has a fever or not. There is one thing every buyer must know before buying is that it only catches the surface skin temperature. It never catches; whether someone has a fever or not; whether someone is sick or healthy, whether someone is infected or not, and last they are contagious or not. So before you buy the camera, understand what you need to get it. If you want to know about fever, infections, sickness or anything like that; this is not the option for you.

How to measure body temperature?

The skin temperature is close to the tear duct. If you check the body temperature from the face, that will not work properly for you. Please make sure not to wear eye-glasses; otherwise, it will create a barrier between the cameras and tear duct when you check the body temperature and then stand keeping a distance with the camera.

What camera pixel does the user need?

The tear duct is of 5mm, and you need around 3 pixels resolution. If one will use the camera with the 320-pixel resolution, which would be fair enough for the person to use.

Which temperature screening camera is trustworthy?

As we all know, the Corona Pandemic affected the entire world. In the current scenarios, everyone is chasing the thermal cameras, and seeking to buy the camera. In the last few months, there are many new solution companies that have launched thermal cameras. Trusting everyone is not the right way. Make sure to check whether the company is reputable and have a perfect track record or not. To look for the best company to buy the camera; then follow the tips mentioned right below:

  • Check from how long the company is established in the market?
  • What is the proven track record of the company?
  • From how long the company is making thermal cameras?
  • Is the company claiming for their camera for crowd scanning? If they are claiming for crowd scanning, leave the option at the very same moment.
  • Aware of the low-cost temperature screening cameras.
  • Be aware of the false claims company made to its clients?

Bottom Line:

Temperature screening camera is a handy gadget in the current pandemic scenarios. It brings the accurate temperature of the body. Before one buys the camera, make sure to recheck the purpose of investing. If you still want to buy the camera, make sure to consider the factors mentioned above before making the purchase. Apart from this, make sure the company you have chosen has a good reputation in the market.

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