Find The Most Exotic Tourist Places in India

Traveling to the corners around the world is a passion for travelers. In this regard, it’s good news for all travelers and tourists that tourism industry in India has been flourishing with a steady growth from past few years. It not only steps forward among the locals or countrymen but also among people all over the world. India is a country where one can find diversity in every aspect of life whether it is nature or people, instead of it you’ll see unity all around.

The country is quite interesting with its representation of culture, tradition, and languages variety that people all around the world are attracted toward it. India is geographical representation have vast diversity too. In this same country one can hope to find the gorgeous snow- capped mountains, roaring of the sea waves, various mysterious forests and a few deserts as well. More than this, tribal art, craft and culture attracts the foreigners most. So, it is needless to say that the tourism industry in India offers people all over the world various luxury India tours.

There are various places and states which one can visit during India luxury tours. Each and every place has got its own attractions such as the beauty of mountains or seas or a wildlife safari in a forest but, most importantly, one should also get to know the culture of this country. From East to West and North to South you will enjoy and experience different color of life. You will experience the warmth of summer, cool breezy winds whispering in your ears, tiny drop of rain touching your cheeks and welcoming you to the land of Aaryas.


A tour of the forts of Rajasthan

Are you someone who is interested in history? Well, if will certainly enjoy the beauty of the majestic forts of Rajasthan. Its architecture, folk songs and beauty of sand dunes will never allow you to leave the place. There are a number of forts in Rajasthan and all of them are scattered over the different cities of the state. The pink palace of wind palace is perhaps the most notable one and it is situated in the state’s capital, Jaipur. Along with forts and palaces, you will also be able to get a sneak peek into the state’s culture and their rich history and heritage.

A luxurious vacation in Kerala

It is the perfect place where you can find some peace and some quality time for yourself alone. You can a care free boat ride or you can simply relax on the Kovalam beach and watch the majestic sea in front of you. However, apart from these, there are certain other attractions in the state such as the Elephanta caves, Alleppey and Periyar.

A wonderful wildlife tour

In India will certainly take you to one of the best wildlife sanctuaries of our country and the most notable one being the Kanhar wildlife sanctuary. Besides that, you can find a number of wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife forest tours in the state of Madhya Pradesh

The snow covered Himalayas

The tour of the jaw dropping snow covered Himalayas certainly falls under the category of most exotic places.

Due to the colorful appearance of every corner of India, it is proved as the most exotic tours all around the world.