Everything You Need to Know About Auto Wreckers

process of Auto Wreckers

If you are considering hiring a professional wrecker for your vehicle, then it is important to understand the various processes that goes into the service and the aspects that you must look after, in order to ensure that your needs are met. Now, when you are new to having auto wreckers, you are certainly not sure how it works. Stop worrying and bring your miseries to an end as this article reveals everything that you need to know about professional wrecking services.

How Does the Entire Wrecking Process Work?

Before appointing a wrecker for dismantling your car, you should be aware of the different processes that are going to be a part of the service. With this you will know what exactly to expect and thus will not be taken aback by unexpected surprises. Some of the key steps that occur in auto wrecker yard are:

Draining Fluids

Your car is composed of several types of fluids, and dumping it along with them can be quite hazardous. This is the reason why before wrecking, these fluids must be safely removed, ensuring they do not get back into the environment. Though most of the fluids like Freon, motor oil is recycled and reused, but for this they have to be treated to get rid of dust and debris present in them.

Removal of Parts

Majority of the components found in the car is often treated as junk. However, there are possibilities of some parts being resold or reused and this is greatly influenced by the type and present condition of the vehicle. These parts that can be used are usually removed before the wrecking process and are reconditioned, cleaned and tested by auto wreckers.

Recycling Parts

There are certain parts that have to be removed from the car before recycling. These include dead batteries (contains lead and can be toxic) or other forms of harmful plastics found in the car. The idea is to get rid of those substances that degrade the environment and then proceed with those that can be recycled and reused.

Crushing the Car

The final step and perhaps the most important one performed by the auto wreckers is to crush the car that would flatten the vehicle and make it easier to process. This flattened piece is often shredded into fine pieces after which magnets are used for separating the steel present in them.

process of Auto Wreckers

How to Sell Your Car to Auto Wrecker?

Selling your car to an auto wrecker is the best thing to do, if you aspire to dispose the vehicle. However, before you do that you have to make sure that the car is wreck-ready and for this there are certain steps that must be taken:

  • Remove the various valuable parts present in the car, which you believe can prove to be beneficial for you. Some of these include tries, audio system, cooling system, and the windshield too.
  • Get rid of all your items that you have in the car. Because once you sell the vehicle, you will never be able to get back in the same condition. So, anything that you usually have in your car must be removed.
  • Contact the reputed wrecker near you and discuss the requirements that you have, be sure to specify what exactly are you looking for and the price that would turn out to be a great deal
  • Remain present at the time when the auto wreckers process the car so as to ensure that the services are done to perfection.

Wrecking can be quite interesting; however, the best can only be done when you have the support, help and skill of a professional auto wrecker by your side.