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Get To Know About The Star Of Everything I Know About Love- Emma Appleton

Emma Appleton is a rising actress who has shown her talent as an actress in series and movies which was widely liked by the audience. The actress was born in Oxfordshire, England, her dream was to become a model? Well, Emma Appleton is widely known as ‘The famous model-turned-actor’. 

But is this model-turned-actor story true? We can say that there is a half-truth in it. Emma Appleton was a model but our star wasn’t a typical model. There is no denying that she has a successful career as a model but it wasn’t her dream. Appleton said in an interview that her modelling agency was very supportive and even promoted her for international photoshoots to broaden her talent.

She said, ”My agency wanted me to explore so I can establish myself as an internationally known model. They always asked me, ‘Do you want to go to Paris, Milan, or New York and participate in Brands Fashion Week?”.  Emma never really thought of these questions. For models, such questions are a dream come true, but for Emma Appleton, it was nothing special,  and her answer to these questions was a shocking ‘No.’ 

Was Being An Actress Emma’s Childhood Dream?

Was it a dream for Emma to be a globally known model? The answer is a big no. Her model agency and friends realised her real dream before Emma could. Whenever Emma declined the offer of modelling for fashion weeks, the agency knew Emma wasn’t their typical model. Her friends even told her that the only reason Emma is still in modelling is because of the money and the perks it comes with- a free haircut!

Emma Appleton didn’t want to be in an academic career, with all honesty, she said she was done with education after her post-graduation. Fashion interests her so she tried her hands at modelling and also it gave her good money.  

Emma’s First Step Into An Acting Career

Emma had a smooth sail in her career as a model but was she content? Emma didn’t think much about modelling but somewhere she knew that acting was what she wanted to chase. 

Let’s go back to Appleton’s debut year.

In school, Emma was an enthusiastic participant in the drama class. She eagerly put herself up for drama classes and enjoyed acting. Even when she was a student, she knew her heart filled with acting.

When Emma was 19 years old, her modelling agent notified her about an audition. It was for a short film but 19 years old Emma was on cloud nine and jumped for this opportunity. She auditioned and selected for the role, Dreamland is the name of that short film. She acted in this and experienced the kind of joy that was missing in her modelling career. 

Emma Appleton recalls, “being an actor is something I knew I needed- but I just didn’t know how to take the first step.” 

The Success Of Her First Short Film

Emma’s first film, Dreamlands, directed by Sara Dunlop, went straight into the Cannes Film Festival! 

The famous short film captured the interest of agents so much that Emma didn’t think twice before quitting her modelling career. She took a risk and succeeded, a sort of life lesson, we can say. 

How The World Changed For Emma After Dreamlands?

The world took a 360-degree turn for Emma. After parting ways with her modelling company, she was able to bag her next role. Her next show was Clique, a BBC-sponsored show.  After finishing the shooting for Clique, came Traitors. 

Her Success Ladder-

Appleton’s role in Traitors made her the face known in Hollywood.  Dreamlands opened doors for her, but it was Traitors that established her as a rising actress in Hollywood. Traitors led her to her biggest break so far- The Witcher. 

The Witcher was her biggest show since her debut. Emma played the role of Princess Renfri, even though her character’s role time was short, she gracefully made a strong impression. According to a Reddit report, Emma’s character was The Witcher fandom’s favourite and being a favourite in the fandom says a lot about an actor. After the release of The Witcher in 2019, Emma Appleton became the new crush of the youth. 

Princess Renfri’s Success

The 29-year-old actress knew The Witcher was going to explode and would give her acting career a great push. Emma mentioned in an interview how pulling off Princess Renfri was a challenge and a pleasure. She experienced herself getting a boost of self-confidence as she practised for the stunts. She admitted being nervous working with her senior, Henry Cavill, and having to build chemistry with him but she did it which undoubtedly increased her acting skills. 

Then the show Pistol came to her door. Even after playing a challenging role in the ‘ The Witcher, she still felt herself getting anxious working with the incredible director – Danny Boyle. She was offered to play the role of the Iconic ‘Nancy Spungen.’ For practice, she read the classic Trainspotting to achieve Nancy’s remarkably unique accent.  And to impress the famous director, she came dressed for the part, she changed her hair and wore a fur coat; the dedication! 

Emma wanted herself to Nancy inside out. She drowned herself in – A mother’s story of her daughter’s murder- a memoir of Nancy’s mother. The famous Memoir talks in detail about Nancy’s battles with addiction and schizophrenia.  

Appleton’s Net Worth

The net worth of actors depends on how well their movies or series run in theatres and or on online platforms (OTT- Over the top). So far, Emma has been leading a successful career and has more work in her pocket. In 2023, she has a net worth of $ 3 million. 

Everything I Know About Love

When the shooting for Pistol finished, she started the rehearsals for Everything I Know About Love. It is a BBC show based on Dolly Alderton’s memoir. The show is about the magnificence and hardships of dating and the emotions we go through when we are in our twenties.