Top Eco-Friendly Home Products for an Improved Lifestyle

Our consumption patterns have become the reason of devastating resources and the Mother Nature. Its impacts are overwhelming on the planet. Uses and reliability on all sorts of chemicals are spreading throughout the life. Our day to day life’s dependency on power consumption and resources are often the sort that waste resources.

Consumption of such resources is responsible for global warming, and decreasing natural resources that could create threatening situations for the next generation. That is the reason we need to give a thought to consumption patterns. In order to resolve such issues, we should opt for eco-friendly products to protect the earth and take a step forward to mitigate the impact that we are observing in the planet. Here these are:

Eco Friendly Paints

Nowadays number of chemicals has been used in conventional paints. There’s no to little search is being done on chemical’s long-term impacts on environment. So, you should replace it with eco-friendly paints which are made from non-toxic elements.

Eco Friendly Cleaners

You can find many eco-friendly kitchen, laundry and toilette cleaner products in super markets, which are made of natural ingredients rather than harmful chemicals.

Recycled Paper Towels

You can replace the disposable products like toilette paper, disposable tissues, plates & glasses which we use on regular basis and bin each day. You can make responsible choices by using unbleached, unscented and recycled paper for all of these.

CFL or LED Lighting

CFL and LED’s last quite longer and consume lesser electricity in comparison to conventional light bulbs.

Rechargeable Batteries

You can use rechargeable batteries for TV & AC remote, wall clock, games, cameras and other appliances. This single step can help you in reducing mounds of waste from discarded batteries.

Green Furniture

Furniture made from certified sustainable wood, made from reclaimed or recycled materials, from junk, from bamboo, etc also help you lower your ecological impact.

Water Saving Flush, faucets and shower

You can use small flush yanks that do well as traditional one, but wastes less water. Flushing the toilettes expanded the water consumption by 30% on usual days. You can use eco-friendly home products in kitchen & bathrooms to reduce water consumption.

Except these, you can use energy efficient heating & cooling resource, refrigerator, AC, TV, electric vehicle, composer, solar panels, wind mills and more to protect the earth and natural resources. So act smart and choose eco-friendly resources.