Drug Offence Lawyers: What Is Their Role?

Drug Offence Lawyer

Drug and alcohol are taken very seriously in NSW. If there is a drug abuse case in your name, then there is a probability that you may lose the driving license or be restricted in some containers to travel for the rest of your life. That’s why it becomes important for you to seek a professional drug offense lawyer’s advice in such matters.

A gifted medication offense legal counsellor will acknowledge at what time and how to utilize private medication labs with the goal that the supposed medications can be re-tried. Private testing of medications is a kind of test that can be utilized for diminishing the net reserve a controlled quintessence, and with this, these lines are filled as an explanation behind the dense charge. Commonly, private testing can permit feeling qualified about whether the substance being alluded to is an illicit medication or not. It might be ideal in the event that you had a legal counsellor who can utilize all the resources open to improve your circumstance.

Who are Drug Offence Lawyer?

These are specialized lawyers who have expertise in handling cases related to drug and alcohol abuse. They know about the various sections and legal nitty-gritty, and so they can represent your case in a better way.

Those who use illegal drugs, detection of drugs, become easier with the development of new technologies. A swab test is good enough to detect if the person has consumed drugs. The Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 highlights various penalties levied on the illegal consumption of drugs. If one falls under any of the following cases

They may need to hire a drug offence lawyer:

  • Prohibited drug possession
  • Prohibited drug manufacturing
  • Supplying prohibited drug
  • Prohibited drug use charges
  • Trafficking of prohibited drugs
  • Supplying and trafficking of prohibited drugs
  • Cultivation and grot of prohibited plants
  • Aiding and abetting and taking part in offenses involved in prohibited drugs

Let’s elaborate the following:

Use of prohibited drugs: One of the most serious offenses when you would need the advice and help of a drug offence lawyer is in the case of the use of prohibited drugs. Here, the maximum penalty is a $2,200 fine and/or imprisonment of 2 years. It doesn’t matter how you consume the drug; if the drug is present in the body, then you are subjected to the case of the use of prohibited drug abuse.

Supply Prohibited Drug: The next offense where a drug offence lawyer can help is when a person is caught in the case of the supply of prohibited drugs. This can lead to a maximum penalty of $220,000 fine and/or 15 year’s imprisonment.

Drug Importation: Any individual caught in the case of importing prohibited drugs into Australia will be counted as a federal offense. This is a serious offense, which can lead to the imprisonment of 2 years and hefty penalties of $825,000 for commercial quantities.

Any individual who gets caught in any of the above-mentioned offences will be subjected to some serious penalties and imprisonment. In all such cases, one has to connect with a professional drug offence lawyer.

How to find the Best Drug Offence Lawyer?

Now that you know about the different cases that can lead to legal offense, one must instantly connect with a lawyer.

Here are some key points that one needs to consider before hiring a drug offence lawyer:

1. Choose an experienced layer

There are various legal firms that have a dedicated department that looks after the drug abuse cases. One must look for a lawyer who is experienced and is well-versed about the various sections associated with it.

2. Check their reviews

Another factor that you must take into account is the review of the lawyer. It will help you assess whether or not the lawyer will handle your case.

3. Speak to the lawyer

You must speak to the criminal defense lawyer to gain confidence in the lawyer. In drug abuse cases, one must always rely on the lawyer on whom you have confidence.

With all this information, it would now be easier to find the best drug defence lawyer in case required.

Closing note

From the above conversation, we would now be able to presume that finding a decent legal advisor is consistently useful. On the off chance that you are in contact with such Drug Offense Lawyer, at that point no compelling reason to stress on the grounds that your whole issue will be tackled without any problem. Subsequently, it is generally imperative to follow the most ideal way so you will have the option to improve administration without putting heaps of cash. They will direct you at each phase of ward.