Why do we have to rewire our house? To make sure that the electricity is safe and future proof. The biggest responsibility of a homeowner is to check for any faulty lines and remove them as soon as possible. These faulty electrics can be life threatening and makes no sense in keeping them as it is. You need to make a thorough inspection to your electric lines so that you can rectify any trouble  and have enough time to build up the safe environment again. If you are searching for rewire my house from a local electrician and the entire thing associated with it, you have come to the right place. 

The real question is how can you maintain your wiring? The simple answer is, the task of maintaining wire is easy and you don’t even have to know any technical skills for that. Replacing any outdated or damaged wiring should be your first priority. They are super dangerous and can cause health risks! Change your old wiring with a new one. You will be benefitted in 2 ways. 

  • You will have extra safety 
  • it will be efficient in terms of electricity 

What are the things needed in rewiring?

All your electric cables run under the flooring and through the wires. So this technically means that while you think on rewiring, you have already made a mess in your home. Rewiring the house needs the floors to be fitted and the walls to be drilled. 

If you are planning on renovation, you must rewire your house at the same stage. Since renovation takes all the plumbing and plastering work together, you can simultaneously work on rewiring. 

These are the entire process for rewiring:

  • Your electrician will install a new cable.
  • He will then fit some new back boxes on switches and sockets.
  • He will rewire the tv and telephone aerial sockets.
  • The electrician will also rewire the  lighting circuits and power.
  • If it is required in your house, he will add or may move the light fixtures, switches and sockets. 

A lot of people may concern over the cost of rewiring the house. When it’s about your old house, you may be charged a bit more on rewiring. 

What will be the cost of rewiring

if you want to rewire your entire house, you need to spend a little bit extra on that. Anyways, the cost to rewire a house in London actually depends on a lot of things . 

  • The age of your house and its the size.
  • Reaching to your wiring will be an easy or difficult task.
  • The use of the materials.
  • Calculating the overall cost- are you only interested in replacing the wires or you want to update your outlets or want to do some light fixtures. All these things will decide the cost of rewiring.
  • The amount of labor involved in this project.
  • If the walls have to be opened for the task.
  • The needs of your electrical wirings- if you want some wires to be added or you want to change it all together. 

The benefits of rewiring

The first benefit you will get is your SAFETY! Safety is more important than any other thing. Other than that you have many functional benefits of updating your electrical cables of your home.

  • You get a complete peace of mind. A safer electrical system gives you a mental calmness. 
  • If you have stuck on the old electrical cables, chances are your house may get short circuiting and lead to fire. To avoid that, you need to rewire your house. 
  • Rewiring will make sure that your electrics are upto the expectation with modern regulations.
  • Of course, it will just increase the value of your house. 
  • You have the option to choose from new fittings and fixtures. 
  • You can now make your home more efficient enough to deal with electricity expenses. You may experience reduced bills.