5 Reasons That Can Lead to Disputes In Construction Industry

Various Disputes in the construction industry

We all have at least once noticed the construction process in our lives. If yes, then you might know that many people work together in the construction industry during the construction process. It is obvious that if so many people work together during the construction process then it is normal that there are some issues amongst the people. These issues can be resolved by construction dispute resolution.

Unfortunately, the process of construction dispute resolution costs a certain amount of money. It also requires some time to resolve the dispute. Hence, to complete the construction process on time with any delay and without spending extra money it is necessary for the members in the construction industry to not fall into disputes. For this, it is very important to know the reasons for the disputes in the construction industry.

So, let us go through few reasons for the dispute in the construction industry.

1. Delay or defective work

Most of the time the contractor or the subcontractor is unable to complete the construction work on time. Sometimes the contractor or the subcontractor does not provide the quality work in the construction. He/she doesn’t fulfill what he or she promised before signing the contract. This is the reason the employer of the construction project put objections on the contractor and the subcontractor. Which unfortunately gives rise to the dispute. Hence, for resolving this dispute the people involved in the project have to go for construction dispute resolution to resolve the dispute and proceed with the work in the project.

2. Improper structure or design

Many times the consultant that the employer consults to design the structure of the building so that the building can face natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc, does not make the proper design. This is the reason, the design made by the consultant doesn’t work and the construction collapses. After which the employer takes legal actions against the consultant due to which the disputes in the construction project arise. Sometimes the disputes rise to that extent that even the construction dispute resolution fails to resolve the dispute.

3. Constantly changing the plans

Sometimes, the employer of the construction project constantly keeps on changing the plans of the construction project due to which many a time the consultant quits the construction project by getting frustrated or confused. Due to this, many a time the contract signed by the consultant breaks and which increases the conflicts between the employer and the consultant. In this situation, the employer and the consultant need to go for the construction dispute resolution for resolving the disputes and continuing the construction project.

4. Less payment or delay in payment

Sometimes the employer does not pay the fees that he or she promised to the construction company that he or she agreed upon before signing the contract. Due to unsatisfactory payment done by the employer the construction company takes legal actions against the employer to pay the fees according to the contract on which he or she agreed before signing the contract. This is the type of dispute that usually starts after the completion of the construction project. Hence, in this type of dispute, the construction dispute resolution does not waste the time.  

5. Difference in thoughts

Many times in huge construction projects the employer consults more than one consultant to design the structure of the project. In this case, the multiple consultants having a different approach of working amongst them usually fall into disputes. This sometimes creates huge chaos on the construction site amongst the consultant. Such projects usually get delayed due to the disputes of the workers amongst themselves. Hence, conducting the construction dispute resolution remains the only solution for the employer to resolve the dispute and continue with the project.


If the people involved in the construction industry take care or find the solutions to the disputes that may occur during the execution of the construction project then there are chances that they can complete a construction project without falling into any type of dispute and delaying the project.  Hence, first, the people working in the construction project first need to identify the problem and then find the solution. This could help people to reduce disputes in the construction industry.