Top 5 Tips for Decluttering To Maximize Your Space

Decluttering To Maximize Your Space

A mess in your home can be a huge cause of stress. Maybe you are renting a place or sharing an apartment and your space is already at a premium. Perhaps you are looking to downsize and economize. There are plenty of tips and tricks to follow to maximize your space on a minimal budget.

One of the keys is to declutter. Get rid of things that you don’t currently use or haven’t used in a long time. They are just taking up space. For the things that you would like to keep, like memorabilia, out of season clothes, photo albums and sports equipment you can always put them in a secure storage vault. Split the cost with a friend who also may be looking to put some things away.

An unorganized space can lead to an unorganized life. No matter how small the space is that you have, there are some great ways to utilize every inch and get things tidied up. A standard rule of thumb when sorting is to separate items into four categories: Keep, Store, Toss & Donate.

1. Clear Out Your Closets

This includes every closet including your pantry or linen closet. For your clothes closet, the first rule is to dress in seasons. The basics are Winter/Summer. There is no need to have all of your bulky winter wear taking up room in your closet when the temps are starting to heat up so get those wool sweaters out of there and into a storage bin. When going through your clothes pay attention to every item and if you haven’t worn an item in a full year, it’s time to clear it out.

2. Memorabilia

It’s a comfort to most people to have some familiar memorabilia items around the house. Framed photos, albums, and other family heirlooms are great to have but may be taking up a ton of extra space. Try hanging your photos in a funky collage to get them off the floor or furniture. Albums and other items that you want to keep but can’t be easily displayed can go into storage for safe keeping.

3. Go Room By Room

Sorting and downsizing can be an emotionally tough thing to tackle. Making decisions about what to keep and what to toss can be exhausting. Start with one room and go from there. Keeping it limited to one space at a time will help you stay focused.

Place a box on every room and categorize it as for donation or for throwing away. Let go of the things that have been in your closet for years. If you haven’t used it, that is a sign that it’s invaluable.

4. Space Saving Storage

There are all kinds of ingenious storage options out there to be had. One of the best ideas is to take advantage of the space under your bed. Invest in a few rolling storage trays to pack out of season clothes, bedding or extra blankets. This keeps things out of sight, organized and easily accessible. Another great idea is over the door storage. There are many closet organizers that can be used to store smaller items like belts, scarves and even shoes.

5. Books/CD’s/DVD’s

It’s amazing how quickly our collections of entertainment can grow. You may have an impressive amount of DVD’s to watch or a virtually library full of books, but they all take up space. Take a look through your collections and keep a few of your favorites that you are sure to use again and either donate or sell the rest.

It does not matter if you live in an apartment or a prefab house, maximizing space is important. The size is not a reason for a crowded and cluttered house. It’s about knowing how to use that space.