How Much Does It Cost To Develop An On-Demand Beauty App

On-Demand Beauty App

The salon business is also using online help to make a remarkable position in the market. It is an easy medium to fetch more clients and stay up-to-date in business games. You can easily promote and reach the maximum customers through the online salon business with offers, discounts and coupons. 

On-demand salon or any beauty app makes the business incredible. Even you can bring salon service at home with the help of an app. It is the same as grocery services, where you can book the salon services and pay according to your comfort, and the beautician will reach your destination on time with all the beauty kits. They are hygienic, safe and even give you the ultimate salon experience at home. 

If you are busy working millennials or are getting late for a last-minute party to step out to the salon, booking the salon service through the beauty app can be beneficial and a time saver. In addition, for salon and beauty startups being a partner with the salon app is beneficial. You will get a platform to connect with more clients and maximize the business reach. 

How does the beauty app work?

This app is a money-earning platform for makeup artists, hairdressers, and stylists. They get a huge opportunity and improve the employment source in all private service areas. Hence, they have strong demand from the industry. The beauty salon and its industry are rising, and even the growing statistics make employment and growth relevant to generate the salon industry. The app gives the privilege to the clients to book the salon appointment and avail of the services on time.

The user will download the app from the app store. Then, they will book the stylist or beautician as per the services. If the stylists have preferences, then the user can type the name and search for the provider. When the booking is complete, the user can select the time and date to avail of the services. Then the service is confirmed, and users will get the mail and phone message. The main motive of the app is to offer the users all the beauty services and treatments you can get at home without any hassle. 

The beauty salon app is a great investment: This is why?

With the help of Beauty App Development, one will get the best online solutions that are an alternative to the beauty parlor and even pushing with many incredible features. Therefore, it helps increase sales, and the salon owners also better offer all the different salon app development services. Therefore, the demand for online salon app development is high and effective.

These apps act as a great platform for community support, growing and even offering the best services. Therefore, app development in the beauty salon is high on trend. There is tough competition in the market, but the users are the ones who will give you the best service providers, and one can use the reliable salon app. 

The actual cost of an on-demand beauty app

The app’s price and cost depend on functionality, size and even the rates of the app and its components. The developers working on the rates also make a huge difference in the entire cost of the app. We can analyze it quickly and have a quick estimate with the salon app. Therefore, the total cost is $10,000- $25,000 and here is the app with advanced features that can range up to $25,000. Depending on the features and the developers, the app with AI and ML features will be expensive. The technology choice will even affect the beauty salon in the app development cost. With iOS app development, the native features and their integration become expensive. 

Types of salon apps for your business

  1. Spa and salon app- a beauty service is offering a wide range of beauty services, including haircuts, pedicures, hair spas, and manicures. It is the best app for clients who need extra pampering. 
  2. Specialty salon app- this salon app operates for a specific location, and if the user wants any particular services, then the one will find the stylist for good to meet the salon’s needs.
  3. Hair salon of booth rental- a hairdresser salon services, and the stylist will rent the space and offer the salon service. So, it increases the number of customers, giving a great opportunity for any individual stylist. 
  4. An in-house salon is an in-house salon that is mainly set up inside the house with the perfect specialist with a cosmetologist license.  
  5. The commission-based salon- is an app where the standard payment is made on a commission basis, and it is an hourly decision. The standard commission will often push through product selling.
  6. App for boutique salon- it is an app where you will get all salon treatments and even all the sales of clothes, handbags, and jewelry. So, it is like an all-in-all app. 
  7. Mobile salon app- the app on the mobile salon will offer the individual stylists the best services and the clients. The stylist will come to the clients’ homes, carry the salon station kit in their vehicle, and wear the service apparel.

Features of on-demand beauty app

User panel features

  • Register- first, the user must register on the app and give the profile details. 
  • Choose service- user has the option to choose the salon and even take the service that they want to take on. They can pick the services listed on salon owners in the app. 
  • View profile- once the user chooses the salon or beautician, they can check their profile and other details on the app itself. 
  • Appointments- users can now book the appointments after the entire communication between the service provider and the owner. 
  • Payment gateway- Users can pay any amount with the help of a 100% secured payment gateway in the app. The payment can easily provide through a Debit card, net banking, wallet or credit card. 
  • Review- the users can even review the services and the beauticians. 
  • The previous schedule- the user has the power to check the previous services and even take the future date of the salon services and even avail the discounts. 
  • Chats- if the user faces skin or hair issues, then the user can chat with beauticians through the chat box.  

Owner panel features

  • Register- like the user panel, the owner has to register too.
  • Manage catalogue- salon owners will upload all the details of the salon’s services to the users. 
  • View the user’s request- check the service request from the users. The owner has access to decline or confirm the request. 
  • Manage the service- the owner can easily all the appointment increases and cancellations for the better good. 
  • Professional appointment- the salon will check the appointment and even the stylist’s schedule and then confirm your appointments. 
  • Service history- salon owners can keep the best track of all the delivery services, including price, customer name and date. 
  • Offers and rewards- The owners have the power to introduce offers and discounts so that the clients get attraction and more and more services come in. these offers are great to utilize and make the best of the apps. 

Admin panel feature

  • Management- the parties who collaborate with the app will be under the management of the admin. If there is any discrepancy, then the admin can take action. 
  • App rove and disapprove of registration- Admin can approve or reject the stylist depending on the authenticity.
  • Payment management- the app’s owner, will manage the commission and help smooth the transaction.
  • Monetization- the app runs certain advertisements to earn different promotional content. It effectively monitors the process with the help of the admin.  

These are the basic features you can cope with, which will give you a better understanding of how the app will turn out. It is most effective, and you will see a good return when you include all the features in the app. It will give you a great blessing to run the app for the better good. 

Hiring the service provider

Hiring developers from the Beauty App Development Company is the best idea. You will get the best response from the developer team, who will design the app for the better good. You will get the best result, and it will create a good impact on your business model. Therefore, look no further and hire a service provider who can work with you and give you collective results to establish the best app forever. 


It is time to establish the business and give you a better prospect to understand the market better. Therefore, the on-demand beauty app needs a perfect solution that will give a perfect response. Once you gain access to the service, anyone can collaborate and partner with the service providers to be on the app platform.