Crafting Remarkable Cinema with Producer Amina Nada

Amina at the SXSW premier of Awayy

There was a time when Hollywood was more interested in background and ethnicity than talent. Thankfully, the old guard which imposed ideas like this has given way to those who value talent and unique perspective above all. While there has always been a “large tent” design towards the marketing of big budget studio films, the public and critics have certainly come to favor Indie films which are known for creating trends rather than following them. No description could be more fitting in reference to producer and writer Amina Nada and her film credits. Originally from Alexandria, Egypt, Amina has been enthusiastically welcomed in the film communities of Europe and America for the skill that she wields. As a BAFTA member and much sought after producer, Ms. Nada has helped to create a number of award-winning films which range from the harsh reality of the immigrant experience to comedy and even science fiction. 

  An example of the breadth of Amina’s work can be understood via the films she produced for Aqsa Altaf and John X Carey, Zafar and Awayy. Zafar premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival and Santa Barbara International Film Festivals. The story of a man who comes to America and works out of his car for an app-delivery service, Zafar highlights the struggle of many who aspire to simply create a more prosperous life for themselves in the US. Ismail Bashey of Primetime Emmy Award–winning series Homeland stars in the title role of this drama which was selected as Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere. As producer of the reality-bending Sci-Fi Awayy, Amina enabled Altaf and Carey to craft an eerie tone and mood that was as supportive of the genre as the relationship scenario the story was rooted in. Premiering at the SXSW film festival, Awayy garnered the Best Drama award at Seriesfest in 2022. From the comedy of Garbaggio (Audience Choice Award winner at the Grove Film Festival-New Jersey) to schizophrenia based Thriller Lyssa (multiple award winner at the Toronto Feedback Film Festival and IndieFEST Film Awards) to BAFTA nominee The Dissident, the productions Ms. Nada takes on seemingly are all destined for greatness. “She was recently awarded Audience Award for her film All At Once at Seriesfest, and last year she was a recipient of the Best Independent Pilot, for her project Awayy. “

  The only secret to the success of Amina Nada’s career in creating acclaimed films is that she places more emphasis on enjoying the process than any other factor. Deeply committed to the collaborative system, Amina has found her professional “sweet spot” in envisioning and creating with other artists. She communicates, “It’s a privilege to be part of an industry where we can touch people’s lives through the power of storytelling. Collaborating with individuals who share that same vision and witnessing the audience’s response are undoubtedly some of the most rewarding aspects of being involved in filmmaking. The shared experience of storytelling, brought to life on the big screen, creates a powerful connection between the filmmakers and the audience. It’s a reminder of the magic and the potential of cinema to inspire, entertain, and evoke a wide range of emotions. Those moments in the theater, when you witness the audience’s genuine reactions and their takeaway from the story you’ve crafted, reaffirm the purpose and the impact of your work. The ultimate reward comes when you’re sitting in a theater, watching your movie alongside an audience. Witnessing their reactions, emotions, and takeaways is an experience like no other. It’s in those moments that you realize the impact your work can have on people’s lives. Whether it’s laughter, tears, suspense, or thought-provoking moments, seeing the audience connect with your film is incredibly fulfilling.”

Writer: Calvin Hooney