Top 7 Reasons to Choose a Professional Orthodontist

Any dental problem makes you rush to the general dentist next door. Not all problems are alike, and you need to know that well. Such a dentist can’t treat the misalignment of teeth, can they? You also can’t rely on them to get treatment for crooked, oddly-shaped, protruding or misaligned teeth. In such cases, the need is to visit an orthodontist which is a dentist specialized in treating all the dental concerns arising out of bad alignment of the teeth. They can fix jaw problems, provide treatment for bite-related concerns and even recommend braces or aligners based on your requirements.

Choose a Professional Orthodontist

Here are 7 reasons to choose a professional orthodontist –

1.Monitor the growth and development of teeth

When it comes to dental health, prevention always appears a better bet than cure. Timely screening is important for your dental problems so that a right treatment can be started. A visit to the orthodontist is necessary when the teeth erupt and the jaw grow. Such a visit becomes important between the age of 7 to 12 years to monitor the growth of teeth. With timely treatment, any chances of future dental problems can be laid to rest easily.

2. Premature loss of milk teeth

Milk teeth or primary teeth are equally important. You can’t ignore them thinking that they will be replaced sooner or later by original teeth. If there to premature loss of milk teeth, this calls for a visit to the orthodontist. You can’t be waiting around to other teeth to erupt in such cases as it may be a warning signa. If such teeth start to come out before the age of 6, you should then seek immediate dental visit.

3. Crowding of teeth

Our teeth erupt with a certain patter and get adjusted accordingly. Some people however experience crowding of teeth where the alignment and arrangement of teeth is crooked and not in a standard manner. This indicates a dental problem which brings spacing issues to your teeth. With crowed teeth, brushing and flossing becomes difficult causing gum problems over time. you however can visit an orthodontist and get a right treatment for the problem easily.

4. Exposed front teeth

Nobody like exposed front teeth. They dent the charm of smile and make one look unattractive. And when teeth are protruded, there is always a greater chance of accidental chipping and trauma. This also indicates a dental problem, or more specifically, a problem related to the abnormal growth of the jaw. If your teeth are exposed, it’s then time to consult an orthodontist and get a right treatment in a timely manner. Only then can your smile become beautiful and charming in true sense.

5. Abnormal Biting Pattern

Improper bite is a dental problem for which you must seek immediate help. In case you ever notice an abnormal biting pattern, you should visit an orthodontist to fix the problem. This problem is the result of excessive overlapping between the upper and lower teeth. With such a problem, you may find your bite disturbed or misaligned posing difficulty in eating and chewing. So, don’t let you bite issue aggravate further and seek immediate dental consultation to avoid future dental concerns.

6. Speech Impediment due to dental problems

Speech impediment or lisping can also be result of some dental problem. It may also happen due to habits like thumb sucking or tongue clicking. And when that happens, your speech will be a casualty. In the same way, teeth grinding at night is also harmful as it often leads to enamel erosion and dental attrition. You can benefit from preventive orthodontics and stay on top of your dental health. So, don’t ever ignore your lisping as it may indicate some dental issues requiring urgent attention.

7. Tooth and Jaw pain caused by dental problems

A visit to the orthodontist becomes necessary in cases where you experience tooth and jaw pain due to some underlaying dental problems. In most cases, it’s the bite-related issues that leads to such pain while in others, the issue with jaw development can also be responsible. Irrespective of the cause, you can consult a right dentist and get treated your problem for a healthy life.