Buy A License Plate Frame For Your Car

License Plate Frame

The Wide Top License Plate Frame is an ultra-stylish, boldly styled, corrosion-resistant license plate frame designed to the highest automotive quality standards. Each Wide Top frame begins as high-quality, corrosion-resistant, T-304 galvanized steel and is hand-polished in the ultimate selection of 4 polished finishes – Polished mirror-bright, brushed, powder coated flat, matte black matte. All frames are custom-made to order with the appropriate custom license plate carrier and are guaranteed to be as close as possible to the original, top-notch designs. If your dream car or truck is larger than a traditional frame can accommodate, you may want to consider a customized frame that offers a custom-sized aluminum base and mounting brackets.

Each Wide Top Raised License Plate Frame provides a complete installation package including the mounting hardware, complete installation instructions, and complete technical support. When ordering a Custom License Plate Frame, please specify whether you want a universal mounting bracket kit (fits most modern vehicles), an aluminum base kit (fits most older vehicles), or an aluminum base and mounting brackets kit.

The wide tops frame comes in many colors and designs. The frame comes with an aluminum base and mounting brackets with an optional universal adapter kit that allows it to be used on more vehicles, including trucks, motorcycles, trailers, RVs, boats, snowmobiles, golf carts, and more. The universal adapter kit provides an easy-to-install adapter plate that attaches easily to the frame and mounts securely at the same time. All of the brackets and mounting hardware come with a two-year warranty. The universal adapter plate is the fastest way to convert from a stock frame to a customized wide top license plate carrier.

Custom Wide Top License Plate Frames provides a superior fit, maximum resistance to rust, and ultimate performance for the highest quality vehicles. If you own a classic car, truck, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile, RV, or another heavy-duty vehicle, choose a Wide Top frame that offers corrosion-resistant, wear-resistance, easy installation, and maximum durability.

Many manufacturers offer frames that have been manufactured to meet the toughest industry standards. These frames have been inspected for accuracy and have passed rigorous quality control testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of automobile quality. and are designed to be as close as possible to the original design.

Some frames are designed to provide a custom fit to any vehicle, while others are manufactured to be used with a specific type of license plate carrier. In addition, some frames allow the carrier to be mounted on any vehicle. For example, if your vehicle is larger than a standard license plate carrier, you will need to purchase an extra amount if you want to use the frame to mount your plate carrier.

Most license plate frames are designed to include the standard front bumper, license plate holder, license plate carrier clip, and mounting brackets. They are equipped with a removable windshield, chrome plating edge protectors for corrosion protection, a non-slip grip with rubberized rubber feet, and a one-touch, non-toxic adhesive backing.

The frame is finished with a clear, non-reflective coating to assure no glare from passing headlights, tail lights, or streetlights. It has a large enough opening to accept your license plate carrier and its compatible holder.

If you need to use your license plate carrier in more than one vehicle, it is a wise investment to choose a universal frame. Universal frames are available with all the parts necessary to mount your plate carrier, including mounting brackets, mounting plates, and universal mounting brackets.

Using a universal frame allows you to install your carrier in any vehicle that has a standard bumper and plate holder. Because a universal frame includes all of the parts necessary to mount your plate carrier, you don’t have to buy extra parts to mount your plate carrier onto your vehicle. A universal frame is perfect for those that travel frequently and would like to use their plates in multiple vehicles, or if you need additional plates but do not have any space in the trunk.

You may want to consider investing in a universal License Plate Frame, even if you already have the parts needed to install your plate carrier. Universal frames are also easy to use and offer a better fit, better quality fit, and greater longevity than the stock, non-universal frames.