Know About Top 4 Best PC Video Games Ever Made

Do you want to know which are some of the best pc games ever made to buy it? Or want to know the experience of gamers? If yes, then we have collected the names of the evergreen games of the PC. Traditionally, PC is the place to play the various genre with mouse & keyboard controls. Some of the games like the Total War series or the witness like games can take total advantage of pc and its processing power. These games are best for pc. Here is the list of best pc video games, have a look at it.

Pubg game

1. Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III designed with Lothric is a Germanic fantasy world, and it is the last series of souls. The Modern design of weapon and clever new moves keep the combat as it is. The stunning arena for faceoff and exploration gives you the chance to fight with the group of deadly enemies and their deadlier bosses. Like others, the land not neatly surfaced, but it is the thing that makes the game more interesting. It is a powerful game and truly deserves the space in the list of the best game for pc.

2. XCOM 2

In the XCOM 2, players are commander of the military organization and have to fight against the alien to save the planet. The task of the player is to give the command to the squad members in the battle to complete the given mission. During mission one have to do research and improve weapons and add new gadgets to assist players in combat. Each class of soldiers has their abilities and skills. To create a wide variety of level the maps generated procedurally.

3. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds- PUBG

One hundred players via skydive on an unknown island that fight to survive by grabbing a weapon, ammo and other things to live and fight with all unknown opponent, yes it is PUBG’s gameplay. Pubg for PC, Xbox and PS4 or also it’s now available on your smartphone is called Pubg Mobile. Though the concept was not new, yet the game is turning in to Strome for the payers around the world.  

It is a more realistic game than Fortnite where you have to fight with other real characters to survive and win. The map of the game is also detailed with some new places. Players take the risk of their life to collect the supply and fight, and the winner gets “winner winner chicken dinner.”

4. Firewatch

Without ruining, Firewatch is difficult to think. The gameplay includes the year of 1989, and the player name is Henry. While the job, Henry found some uncovers clues of mysterious occurrences in the vicinity in the tower. He can see that shadows are watching him from a distance. Henry can talk via the walkie-talkie only to connect with a supervisor, Delilah.

As the game proceeds, new levels are open up. The object finds on the path can be stored in inventory for after use. You have to save the life from fore and with the single communication source, and hence the message you send to the supervisor is the only way to save the life.