Find Top 10 Best Accounting Automation Software

Accounting Automation Software

In this post, we are going to discuss the 10 best accounting software. There are numerous software out in the market. Depending on the size and type of business, the software preferences can be different. We have explained below a few of the common best accounting automation software to be opted for if you have no or little knowledge of which software to opt for. 

1. OneUp 

OneUp is one of the best Salesforce Automation software to help small businesses. It is acceptable for growing businesses. This has features depending on the number of users along with the self-plan for a single user. It is ideal for freelancers as well as sole proprietors as it includes robust management. Apart from this, it also works well for retail businesses. 

2. QuickBooks Desktop 

QuickBooks Desktop is a 2020 launch software that includes modern features to manage and control various activities. The latest features of GST software include expanded support, system navigation, and automated reminders for payments to customers, generate and share invoices in emails and much more. 

3. QuickBooks Online 

This GST software is again designed especially for small businesses. The QuickBooks Online software provides the users with any time and anyplace access that lacks in the already existing desktop version of the accounting software. The online software is a better fit for small and growing businesses as it easily integrates with multiple parts of the business, third-party solutions, and much more making the software most useful for the business. 

4. Sage Business Cloud Accounting 

The sage software is again beneficial for the sole proprietors and freelancers. This accounting software includes a lot of great features to manage inventory, making it a better choice for online sellers. The software does not include a payroll feature nor includes third-party integrations making it a simple basic software not probably be the best choice for the businesses. But at the same time, the software stays easy to use and understand making it easy for the newcomers. 

5. AccountEdge Pro 

AccountEdge Pro is one more Salesforce Automation Software that has been rated well. It is a perfect fit for small and growing businesses as it provides on-premise applications offering remote working capability. The remote access of data brings a new way of working in your business. 

6. Xero 

Xero is an online GST software that can manage your business from any place and with any device. This software is specifically designed for small businesses who don’t tend to spend much time learning new things about software but also wish to stay on top of the business performance. The Xero accounting software works well for a huge number of niches such as retail, legal, IT, e-commerce, start-ups, and many more. The ability of software to accept multiple currencies makes it a perfect fit for global businesses. 

Xero accepts double-entry accounting building an accounting firm where the default accounting chart can be easily customized with the software and can be included in the application. The recurring entries are also made available in the accounting software and hence one can easily connect the bank accounts to it and automatically import all the transactions and other important data. 

7. FreshBooks 

FreshBooks again is an online GST software that works well for sole owners and freelancers. This software includes a retainers feature which works well for the accountants, attorneys, or professionals that need to charge the client with a retainer fee. 

8. AccountingSuite 

The Accounting Suite brings all the required features that smaller businesses can never expect. This accounting software provides cloud accessibility along with accounting capability. Also, the bank accounts can be connected with the software where the application can tie up to over 9000 financial institutions. 

The sales module can be easily managed and the bill payments and processes can also be managed in the purchase module. The tracking feature of project and time helps to track the projects and profits easily and efficiently. The time tracking allows recording the time spent over every individual project. 

9. Sage 50cloud Accounting 

This software was previously known as Peachtree Software. This accounting software is a hybrid solution that can be installed on the premises as well as be connected with the remote application from any device if necessary. This GST software is a better choice for small and growing businesses having multiple plans and designs. The software has multiple modules to offer to the businesses such as inventory, integration, POS and much more making it the best suit for the retailers. 

10. Zoho Books 

If you are starting a new business, Zoho Books accounting software is a perfect choice. It is easy to get even at the tightest budget and includes all the inventory features. The new users are provided with a step-by-step guide right from start till end. 


These were the top 10 Salesforce Automation software that can help your business to work well and grow more in the future.