9 Bad Spending Habits to Replace for an Increased Savings

Your spending habits have a direct impact on your financial condition to achieve the long-term goals and manage the current expenses. People with a saving mindset always have a purpose for every expense on their list. In the absence of a purpose, the spending will only cause unnecessary stress on your finances.

Thus, it is essential to replace the bad spending habits to ensure the budget is well optimised. You can achieve way more in the same income after eliminating these habits from your lifestyle. However, many people are not aware of these expenses unless they are highlighted to them.

Here, you will find some bad spending habits to control if you want to achieve more within your limited income.

1. Outside Food

Food is one of the essential expenses in the budget that takes a prominent portion of it. Your restaurant visits can significantly increase the food budget. You can easily save money by eliminating the outside food from your diet.

You can prepare meals at home even with little to no knowledge of cooking. It will not only save money but also reduce the unhealthy food from your diet. It is okay to enjoy a cheat day now and then to celebrate your progress towards the financial goal with a small meal.

2. ATM Fees

ATM cards are extremely helpful during tough times to quickly get some cash from your account. However, you don’t need to carry a bunch of them in your purse with the expectations to save money on some offer. The card providers will charge some annual fees on cards regardless of their use.

Therefore, use only one or two ATM cards for the emergency. You will find the option of the online transaction on the majority of the sellers or service providers. Moreover, you can apply for doorstep or similar loans in Ireland at the comfort of your home if you urgently need cash.

3. Buying Coffee

The morning coffee from your favourite café is unnecessary stress on the budget. It is not an essential part of your diet to start the day on a high note. Eliminating it will save considerable money in the long run.

You can buy a coffee machine at home as an investment to save money. It may not taste the same as the expensive coffee from a café. However, you will get better with time, and soon it will come close to your desired taste.

4. Packed Closet

The shopaholics often find themselves short of credit each month after a shopping spree. Even the casual buyers have many clothing items in the closes they never wear. This mindless shopping hurt your budget and take unnecessary space in your closet.

The solution is simple, do not buy more clothes if you have enough at home. You can always donate or sell the items in your closes you no longer need. Treat yourself to shopping only for special occasions or emergency. 

5. Late Fees

Bad Spending Habits to Replace

Service providers will charge some late fees if you miss the last date of payment. You cannot blame them as they need money to operate the business. It is your responsibility to have enough money in the account to pay the bills on time.

You can avoid the late fees with automated transactions and simple reminders from your smartphone calendars. Create an emergency fund for the bill payment if the paycheque is late or the business is slow. You can also take personal loans in Ireland to pay the bills and avoid late fees.

6. Parties and Shopping for Boredom

Shopping or partying could be your default answer to stressful conditions or boredom. They will provide joy for a short period, but the financial consequences are long-term. These activities derailed you from the budget and forced you to live on paycheque-to-paycheque.

There are so many activities to divert your attention from stressful situations or boredom. And they don’t require you to spend the same amount of money as parties or shopping. You can watch a movie at home, spend time cooking, or binge watch some great shows to save yourself from boredom and excessive spending.

7. Bottled Water

Bottle water doesn’t cost much as a single unit, but the added cost is significant. You don’t have to buy a bottle every time you feel thirsty outside the home. It is easy to carry a water bottle to work and save yourself the trouble of frequently buying one.

Many businesses have started to offer reusable water bottle to employees instead of packaged water. They save the organisation money, and employees spend less time on the water cooler. Moreover, you are contributing to the environment by reducing the use of plastic.

8. Dry Cleaning

Your closet and choice of outfit determine the dry cleaning bill each month. You can reduce it with the use of clothing that doesn’t require dry cleaning. Also, you can reduce the visits if the clothes are not in a dire need of professional cleaning.

At-home dry cleaning kits are easily available in the market at a reasonable price. You can use them instead to save money as a frugal solution. These are ideal for the population that wears a suit to the office and wants to cut the amenities from the budget.

9. Paying for Unused Subscription

Your expense list may have some subscription that is either no longer required or not used. These subscriptions take unnecessary space in your budget, and it makes no sense not to end them. However, many people procrastinate the process only to waste money on them.

Make a list of subscriptions that are non-essentials such as some OTT platform or gym membership. It will take only a few minutes to cancel these subscriptions. Check your account statement for the services you may have forgotten.


To sum up, you can increase your savings from the income with the right spending habits. It will take some time to get used to the new lifestyle with a different mindset towards money. Thus, you must show commitment towards the financial goals to replace these bad spending habits with the right ones.