Artificial Intelligence in The Travel Industry

When Artificial Intelligence first got introduced in many sectors, few thought it could make a positive impact in the travel industry. But, the persons who laughed at Artificial intelligence making a mark in the travel industry had to eat their words. At present, you can find the applications in every part of the travel department. Artificial intelligence is getting used as virtual assistants, search platforms to initiate the call for action of customers and give personalized experience to the travelers. In this article, we focus on the positive impact of artificial intelligence in the travel industry.

With Artificial Intelligence at the helm in many travel websites, it has become easy to reach your destination without any hassle. Now, you can get updates on delays on flights even before the concerned airlines announce the news.

1. Trip planning/Research

As per the recent survey, many travelers are dependent on AI applications to plan their next trip. Let us take an example. You have gone to nearly one-third of countries all over the world. Now, you and your family are in the process of planning another journey. Your children plan the trip to a country which has more national parks. So, they put their preferences in the specific AI tool, the food they want, and purpose. Based on the data, the AI tool will give the country for the new travel journey, that most suits their preferences.

2. Hotel Industry

There are many five star hotels which have installed AI applications in their customer service. So, if you have gone to one of these hotels, you may be requested to answer a questionnaire with multi-choice answers during your check-out. The perfection in service, the food recipes, the stay, and every aspect will be covered in the document. Based on the inputs received from you and other customers, the traveler five-star hotel will modify its services or food recipes. Now, a human cannot spend time on thousands of such applications. They feed the entire data to an AI tool, and it just gives the perfect result regarding customer preferences, rejections, and complaints.

So, the services get better after the management comes to know regarding the areas that lack customer service and satisfaction. This situation is one good example of Artificial Intelligence in the travel industry.

3. Bookings and Reservations In Hotels

Yes, you may want to go to another country as a traveler, but booking the right hotel is a hassle. As per the survey, abandonment rates have soared for hotels in many countries. The reason, travelers did not like the location, or they feared for their safety.

It is at this juncture, that the AI chat based application such as HiJiffy comes in. You can ask doubts regarding hotels to this chatbot and it will respond accordingly. You can receive tips about the city you want to visit as a traveler and even book a room at your favorite hotel.

If this chatbot cannot answer the question regarding a specific hotel, it will transfer your call to the concerned hotel staff. This chatbot is a product of machine learning, and it improves itself from every call. More applications are yet to come, but the ability to help travelers book a specific hotel as per the need is one big example of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the Travel Industry.

3. In-room Assistants

When virtual assistants have been introduced in the medical industry, can they be far in the travel industry? In many reputed hotels around the world, AI assistants have set a new standard for customer service.

There are chatbots, which can analyze the recent data and make recommendations that enhance the stay of a customer. For example, if your flight has been canceled, the chatbot will ask if you need the normal room service. Then, it will check the other daily activities you have suggested and make modifications accordingly.

For example, these chatbots can wake you for the morning session at the gym, and send an alert at breakfast time.

4. Electronic Bracelets

This is a new innovative tool for making payments with your bracelet or ring. It has not yet spread to many countries. But reputed hotels such as Melia have introduced these bracelets so that if you are a guest, you can make the payment easily. Now you may praise the management, but also note, that the data regarding your purchases and preferences get listed the hotel server. So, they can send you offers regarding new services such as spa treatment and more. You will also get promotional messages during your hotel stay.

5. Personal Experience

Let us imagine the situation. You are an NRI and settled in America. You have come to Bangalore on a trip alone. And want to roam the city. So, you ask your friend to lend her a bike so that you can go to the city’s best places. And she has given you her Activa Bike.

In the midst of a trip, the bike has suffered a puncture. So, being in a totally different environment, where will you search for the best bike assistance service in Bangalore? It is easy. You can download the app of the company which offers spot assistance services. They have able bike mechanics in their payrolls. So, you download the app and book the service. The concerned bike mechanic will come to the same spot and fix the puncture. You can resort to your roaming once again.

Do you have a question on where does AI come in? It lies in the booking process. The booking has been done by a chatbot, and not a human.


So, have you read the article of artificial intelligence in the travel industry? The chatbots in reputed hotels give perfect information regarding the behavior of guests and give personalized services, thus enhancing the customer experience. Just imagine the situation, before two decades. If you had to go for travel, you have to go to a travel agent office, consult him face-to-face and engage in phone calls to book a hotel and other arrangements. With AI tools in the fray, you can get the best hotel deals and make arrangements that suit your trip.

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