All About Javaughn J. Porter; Son Of Blueface

Javaughn J. Porter

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You must have known Blueface, a very well-known American rapper. His real name is Jonathan Michael Porter. He is quite famous in his field and is continuing to grow and glowing. His songs ad rapes such as Smash songs Deadlocks, Respect My Cryppin, and many more have made Blueface a very popular person. It feels like a household name i,e known by most people. 

The rapper has gained a lot of public attention through his rapes and along with that his quarrelsome behavior and in-public fighting as well as arguments earned him media attention. He is also very well known for his fighting with his girlfriend named Chrisean Rock.  He has even encountered legal issues on gun-related allegations in 2022. For that, he was taken into custody. 

So he has been living a life full of public attention and controversies along with his talents. He has a son named Javaughn J. Porter. So you must be thinking about how he is with his son and how his son lives a life. So in this article, we would be giving you all the information that we could find on the internet and other social media platforms about Blueface’s son. 

Let’s Start With Who He Is.

Javaughn J. Porter is the first son of Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis. He is putting his steps and feet in the field of entertainment 


Javaughn J. was born on the 29th of April 2017. He is 6 years old as of now (2023). He took birth in Los Angeles, California. He is a very charming kid and just like his father and mother he too is very eager to be a part of this entertainment industry and work on it. His zodiac sign is Taurus. Javaughn is of mixed racial heritage, as his mother has mixed heritage of white, black, Native American ancestry, and much more. Similarly, his father is an Afro-American.

He displays good potential as a model, media celebrity, and as singer. He is continuing the legacy of his parents by becoming a famous kid on social media platforms and other things. He has even worked in two of his father’s music videos as well as working as a model for one of the prestigious clothing companies for children. Moreover, he has also been interviewed and appeared in many of the Talk shows and programs.

His (Javaughn J. Porter,S) Siblings?

Javaughn has one little sister named Journey Alexis Porter. She is a very cute younger sister of Javaughn. During her birth, Jaidyn shared a very beautiful video sharing how happy she is because of her second pregnancy in 2021. 

Journey took birth on the 5th of August 2022. Her birth was a topic of controversy because, during her birth, her father was already seeing someone else. So news spread like fire. This became a topic of a lot of gossip and theories. 

Let’s Talk About Javaughn J. Porter’s Mother

As I have already mentioned above, the mother of Javaughn is Jaidyn Alexis. She too was born in California (Los Angeles). She took birth on 2nd October in 1998. She is of various ethnicities. Like her husband she too is famous for many of her works and industries, for example, she is very active in the field of modeling and acting. Moreover, she holds the post of manager in the field of cosmetics and industry related to skin care. 

Along with this, she has other and many more talents. Jaidyn is also a ‘chief executive officer of Glendale’ in ‘Babyface Skin & Body LLC’ which is a California based company. Jaidyn is also very popular on social media; she posts a lot of content on Instagram on lifestyle, health, beauty, and fashion. She has always been a part of controversies because as an ex-wife of Blueface and mother of Babyface’s children.

Let’s Now Talk About The Father Of Javaughn J. Porter

The father of Javaughn is Blueface: an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. It is said that he is an Afro-American who was born on 20th January 1997. His real name is Jonathan Michael Porter. At a very young age, he started his career in the field of entertainment. In 2017, he decided to opt for music as a profession and became well-known in 2018.

He has worked really hard for his success. His popularity was first earned by his track “THOTIANA”. After that he was unstoppable. Since then, he has released very popular singles and songs and albums. Along with this music industry he has appeared on TV programs such as Love & Hip-Hop. 

Javaughn’s Music Video

He is just a 6-year-old boy and has already followed in his father’s footsteps. We all know that Blueface releases many works (music) so in one of his songs titled “Dead Locs” which was about his son, as a memorial to him, Javaughn made a special appearance in that music video. He was just a few months old during that time. 

Blueface loved his child a lot more and we can see that in another music video titled “Bust Down Bless UP”. This focuses on their bond; a bond of father and son. It is a beautiful video that focuses on their bond and relationship. Moreover, these two have attended many interviews and radio interviews, by looking at them we can see how strong their relationship is. 

Javaughn’s Net worth

Javaughn is a very young child and therefore his actual income has not been made public as he is still a minor. But both of his parents are well settled and we don’t think he is facing any issue, he is living his life with all the best possible resources. Though, his net worth is estimated as less than 10 thousand Dollars. 

Javaughn J. Porter’s Social Media Handles

Being 6 years old, he is too young to have any social media handle. Though, he has been seen in many of his parents’ pictures along with them. 

Summing up

Javaughn J. Porter is very young in this industry but he is already making success. We really wish he overcomes all the barriers and grows beautifully and earns a lot more success. 

This was all about this 6-year-old kid. Do let us know if we have missed any other information. Also, tell us what else you would like to know and whom you would like to know more. Until then, have fun. :)