Ali Riaz Malik Son of Malik RiazCEO – Bahria Town – Biography, Personal Details, Career

The present CEO of the Bahria Town is Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik and he is one of the known personalities in Pakistan. He is involved in the real estate projects along with his company and he is from one of the most prominent families in Pakistan. You might be aware of the fact that his father’s name is Malik RiazHussain who was the man behind the foundation of Bahria Town.  Today, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is taking the legacy of his father to the next level. Under the leadership of Ali Riaz Malik, the Bahria Group reached a valuation of $ 1 Billion.

Present Project:

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is presently driving a very prestigious project which is the development of Pakistan’s first island city. This is done in collaboration with an American Real Estate Tycoon Thomas Kramer. The deal was signed in the year 2013 and the project is presently in full swing. Bahria Town is known to use the latest technology for the development of real estate across Pakistan.

There are many other projects that Bahria Town is undertaking and all of them are always in demand. With a high quality on-time delivery, Bahria Town remains to be one of the best real estate companies in Asia.

Personal Life and Inspiration for Projects:

It is known that Ahmed Ali Riaz is a fitness freak and he never misses his workout. In addition to this, we also know that he ensures that he is always well rested. This enables him to concentrate on his work. He also believes in mental fitness to improve his quality of life. For him, wellbeing is certainly very important.

Because of this approach towards life, he always ensures that the projects that he develops have enough parks, gym, clubs, riding clubs, open gym, football fields, pools and a lot more. The group believes in providing world-class amenities under their roof. Most of their projects also have spa and wellness clubs which makes their projects really popular.

Early Life:

In terms of personal life, we know that he was born and brought up in Rawalpindi. He went to a school in Rawalpindi and after completing his education from there, he joined the Bahria Group which is also his father’s business. He is presently married and his wife also works for Bahria Town.

It is known that he took inspiration from the infrastructure in Dubai and that had been his driving force to work for a real estate company in Pakistan. He always wanted to develop such properties in Pakistan and the good news is that he is certainly fulfilling his ambition. He joined the group in 1999 and because of his dedication, he was promoted to the role of CEO in 2007. Ali Riaz Malik is certainly committed to the delivery of amazing projects to Pakistani people and we wish him a lot of success for the development of such projects in Pakistan.