7 Tips For Passing A Red Hat Certification Exam

Red Hat Certification ExamFor any security enthusiast, Red Hat’s training is an effective way to gain or solidify skills and demonstrate mastery of the software. A Red Hat certification can help you regardless of whether you’re a beginner in the world of Information Technology or a seasoned professional looking to move up the corporate ladder.

These examinations are not accessible and test your ability based on performing actual tasks. The objective is to simulate real-world scenarios by making a machine work according to the exam’s objectives. It does not contain any multiple-choice questions, matching terms, or hypothetical scenarios.

The difficulty level of a Red Hat certification follows a high standard and is one of the main reasons why these certifications are highly regarded. To overcome this daunting task, here are some tips to keep in mind while preparing for the certification exam.

1.) Review The Exam Documentation

Instead of getting to work on the exam objectives right away, take some time to sit down and read through the environment documentation. Having a comprehensive idea about the environment and servers, preconfigured and working, that is available for you will save you from any last-minute confusion. Additionally, the documentation might contain any passwords that may come in handy and maybe even the details of how the exam is graded.

2.) Pay Attention To Actual Tasks

The exam tasks are not necessarily arranged in any particular order and task that are interdependent. Prior knowledge of the tasks can give the necessary perspective of what you should achieve after the exam.

Red hat certifications tend to be evaluated only after rebooting the environment, and in case they have no requirements for rebooting the directories to create your files in, the file names and the method of restoration in case you corrupt the system is specified in the documentation.

3.) Know The Exam Objectives

Since Red Hat’s exams are purely task-oriented, every exam has a set of objectives. These objectives may be posed in simple lines but may have a plethora of information to offer. It gives an idea of the features or functions to be used, the type and method of configuration and the presence of any client-server architecture connected that may be connected with the objective. It should be the primary source of estimating your readiness for the exam.

4.) Do Not Neglect The Documentation

The official documentation for the product being tested can help you perform tasks related to it. Since RHCSA certification exams do not permit unrestricted access to the internet, you might have to search for pages or packages that offer documentation.

5.) Choose The Right Tools

The choice of tools is crucial when it comes to performing the exam tasks. Whether you use a command-line tool or a graphical interface, it is up to you to decide what you are most comfortable with.

Remember that you can use graphical forwarding using simple ssh -X flag. It can enable you to use graphical interfaces for systems not configured. Make sure that your choice of tools does not lead to any bugs that might affect your flow while taking the exam.

6.) Learn With Red Hat

What makes the Red Hat certification cost worth it is the training that comes along for their exams. The training is entirely exam-oriented and should contain everything you need to know for the exam plus a little extra. Even if you can’t attend any online or in-person training, join Red Hat’s learning community to gain some guidance from several course instructors who visit the community and you will also get to know their past experiences about it.

7.) Adjust The Exam Environment Before You Begin

Coming across problems during the examination might derail you from focusing on the tasks which are required to pass the exam. Make sure to adjust your system and the exam variables according to your ease and comfort – fix the brightness of your screen, make the required selection for the keyboard layout. By default, it shall be set to en-US.


These Certification exams can be challenging, but these seven tips can help you perform to the best of your abilities. The smart way to prepare for such exams is to utilize all the available resources and tips while implementing only those that work for you.