6 Design Ideas for Your New Bathroom in 2021

Designing a brand-new bathroom in 2021 might be exactly what you need in order to add more functionality to your home. It will also raise the resale value of the place and drastically improve your home’s quality of life. A bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in your household, which is why any improvement that you make might be felt on a daily basis. Still, how does one transform their bathroom completely by investing as few resources as possible? Well, there are several interesting ideas worth mentioning.

Fully transparent glass bathtub

Going for a minimalistic approach in your bathroom is really not that difficult. You see, a bathroom is probably the smallest room in the house, which means that finding a way to visually expand it might be a huge advantage. With minimalism, you make the room simpler and easier to navigate. Lack of ornaments makes the place appear larger, due to the fact that the majority of available space will become clear and unused. This adds a pristine look to the room, as well. One of the ways to further enhance this is with the help of a fully transparent glass bathtub.

First of all, a fully transparent glass bathtub creates a unique optical illusion. The thing with this illusion lies in the fact that while this area of the bathroom will be occupied with a tub, it will still appear empty. This means that you need to put a greater emphasis on the tiles on the floor and walls that serve as a background. Moreover, in order to maximize the desired effect, you need to ensure that your bathroom is as clean as possible. Glass stains are a major nuisance and by cleaning them regularly and efficiently, you will maintain this impressive visual effect for longer.

Investing in a fully transparent glass bathtub is a perfect way to create a unique and functional bathroom for your household.

A bidet is a must

There are many reasons why you should install a bidet in your bathroom. While bidet is hardly an innovative feature, its popularity is constantly growing due to a number of practical reasons. First, it helps you spend less water and less toilet paper. As such, it’s a massive eco-friendly addition to your bathroom. Second, it can prevent clogging, which is a massive efforts. Third, a bidet is simply much more hygienic than toilet paper. You will spend less of it and the level of hygiene achieved will be drastically higher.

Keep in mind that in 2021 bidet is not your only option. There are some toilet seats that can add a function of a bidet to your toilet. This means that you get a functionality of a bidet with merely a fraction of the cost. Also, it means that you don’t really have to install a new fixture for your overcrowded bathroom. Still, traditionalists may prefer a real bidet. Moreover, a proper bidet raises the resale value of the home far more than a bidet seat does. In other words, opting for one or another should be situational.

Making a sizable investment in order to install a high-end bidet might be more than worth it. Those who haven’t used a bidet before might want to start in 2021.

Sky mural

There are so many people who dream of transforming their bathroom into a proper oasis. The biggest downside of this idea lies in the fact that an oasis is actually a swath of nature, which immediately places it into an outdoor biome category. Emulating this indoors is nearly impossible, right? Well, with the right attitude, ability to think outside of the box and some imagination, nothing is impossible. The simplest and the most cost-efficient way to create this unique impression would be to paint a

The benefits of this idea are quite numerous. First of all, you get a chance to vertically elongate the room. In other words, you get a chance to make the place look higher than it is. Second, for those who enjoy spending time relaxing in a tub, a great mural might be constantly in the line of sight. Once you manage to doze off due to the warmth of the water, the coziness of the tub and the aroma of scented candles that you’ve lit, you might just manage to trick yourself. Soon, you will actually believe that you’re resting in an actual spring instead of merely relaxing in your own bathroom.

A sky mural is probably one of the most interesting and unique ways to completely transform your bathroom and make it even more unique.

Indoors jungle

One additional problem with making your bathroom feel like the outdoors lies in the fact that it clearly lacks vegetation. One way to avert this problem is to add some indoor plants to the bathroom. Before you do this, it’s pivotal that you perform some research. Your bathroom is a humid and warm place, which is why you need indoor plants that can thrive in these conditions. Fortunately, you’re not the first person to look for such a list, which is why there’s a wide selection of pot for you to choose from.

You don’t, however, have to settle for bathroom plants. Instead, you can also consider picking a unique option like a bathroom moss matt. This is a mat made out of real moss that thrives feeding on the water that slides from your body as you exit a tub/shower. In other words, the matt/planter is, more or less, self-sustainable. Other than this, it provides you with a natural sensation through tactile senses, seeing as how your barefoot will be in contact with this matt. Overall, it adds something new to your bathroom, something you won’t see in many (or any) other homes.

Adding some vegetation to your bathroom is a nice touch and definitely something that can be done on a budget.

Creative layout

When opting for a creative layout, there are several ideas that you will have to combine. First, you need to figure out the position of your vanity. It is the last of your major features, once you take into consideration your tub and your toilet (potentially a bidet, as well). You should also incorporate an idea or two regarding your storage. Here, you should be as creative as possible. Your doors should be mounted with racks and you need to think about the best way to utilize your walls by mounting different storage options. 

Keep in mind that your bathroom won’t have an abundance of space on ground level, so anything in terms of walls and even ceiling is a fair game.

Let there be light

Light is the last major element that you need to incorporate into your bathroom. Here, you have three major things to consider. First, you need to think about the influx of natural light. For a bathroom, this is the most problematic thing, seeing as how you need to think of your privacy first. For those who are considered a transparent tub, this is an even greater priority. Adding a skylight might not be as bad of a choice.

Second, you need to think about artificial lighting. Opting for a layer lighting scheme is definitely the simplest idea. This will give you enough task light near the vanity and still give you a chance to make a more intimate lighting scheme in the tub area. Finally, you need to think about the eco-friendliness of your lighting solutions. In 2021, going with LED is a no-brainer. This is something that you should put a heavy emphasis on throughout your entire home.

A proper lighting scheme can make or break the entire impression that your bathroom makes. Go for led and make sure to install several different fixtures instead of depending on a single source of light.

In conclusion

Keep in mind that while these improvements do boost the overall value of the home, they’re more oriented towards raising the quality of life inside of a given household. This means that it might not be worth your while to spend so many resources, time and effort to improve a home that you plan to sell in a year or two. For a home that you plan to use as a permanent residence, on the other hand, there’s not a single entry on this list that you should come to regret. Still, a lot of it comes down to your personal preference so choose wisely!