6 Benefits of Rubik’s Cube for kids aged 3-7 years

benefits of rubiks cube for kids

There are many puzzles that help improve the power of the mind for kids. However, there is one such puzzle that does not need an introduction. Sporting a colorful and compact cube with 6 faces, each divided into 9 blocks, it is the Rubik’s Cube. If you want to know more about Rubik’s Cube or wish to make a purchase for your child, click here

Rubik’s Cube is not only a great toy to play with for kids, but it also makes the mind work to identify several solutions that can solve the Cube in as fewer moves as possible. If you wish to bring this puzzle in your kid’s life, here are a few perks that will convince you to do so! 

1. It is an open-ended puzzle 

One of the best advantages of a Rubik’s Cube is that it is an open-ended puzzle that does not initially require your child to follow a guide or an instruction manual. There are no hard and fast rules to arrive in the solved state. Your child can simply experiment with the rotations and be elevated with small victories. There are no rule books to understand the intent of the solved state. However, your child will realize the aim of the puzzle. At the same time, he/she keeps trying various moves and permutations to solve it in multiple ways. 

2. Enhances problem-solving abilities. 

Give a Rubik’s Cube in your child’s hands if you want to improve their problem-solving abilities. Through trials and errors, your child will learn the importance of every move, which will either get them close or far away from the solution. Your child will then try to solve the puzzle by focusing on multiple patterns. This entire process paves the way to develop a clearer understanding of the problem-solving processes. 

Your child will also aim to visualize the impact of every move and will move on to eliminate the combination of patterns that do not get him/her closer to the final result of showing up the majority of the faces with similar coloured blocks. 

3. Determination and focus

Any puzzle that encompasses the trial-and-error method allows the player to identify multiple ways to arrive at the solved state. With the repeated exercise of twisting and turning the blocks and the layers, your child toggles between various possibilities and combinations of the blocks, thereby strengthening his/her determination to solve the puzzle. 

rubiks cube benefits for kids

This will also help your child to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. He/she will attempt to apply all of his mental abilities to tackle the puzzle with an increased level of confidence. Every time your child picks up a Rubik’s Cube, he/she will arrive at a unique solution. This demonstrates that there are many ways to solve a problem, and once you set your mind to it, you can find a suitable solution. 

4. Eye and hand coordination

A sharp brain stems from strong eye-hand coordination. Your child will experience better reflexes with enhanced agility and attention span. This also paves the way to improve their memory. While your child’s mind is racing through a number of alternative moves, the hands and eyes will put those thoughts to optimum use. Therefore, a learning system is created by utilizing all aspects of the mind and body. 

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5. Develop additional skills

Understanding the puzzle and its rotation builds your child’s confidence with every small victory. Your child will learn to enjoy a sense of accomplishment of a job well-done with a stronger belief that they can solve any puzzle. They will try their best to solve all the puzzles and stay ahead of other kids their age. Check out this video of 

The Rubik’s Cube has around 43 quintillion combinations! And when your child puts in the acquired skills to complete the puzzle, he/she will slowly incline towards bigger challenges with a sharper mind. 

6. Building observation skills

Once your child starts observing the puzzle keenly, he will begin to enjoy a pattern of experimentation and maybe even take notes of those patterns to get closer to the solved state. They will learn to draw conclusions independently and make moves that will lead them to the goal. This process also demands a lot of perseverance, and with practice will help your child identify other aspects of his/her life. 


If you want your children to make the most of their mind and ideas, then you introduce him/her to brainy puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube. Get them to play with the Cube while their brain is still in the stage of development. Solving the Rubik’s Cube is an activity that will transform your child’s mind to work independently, thereby making them smarter individuals.