5 Things To Know Before Buying A Sunscreen Lotion

If you stay outdoors most of the time, then you must be knowing the value of sunscreen lotion. Or just in case, if you ever experience the faded and tan complexion. A sunscreen lotion acts as a block-door between the harmful rays of the sun and our skin. It helps the skin against tan and also protects it against dust and pollution.

Sunscreen is one of the essential parts for the outdoor workers, who don’t get the chance to sit inside the cabinet and roam around the city on a two-wheeler. Exposed to the UV rays, they are the most affected people from tan. And if you have already tried sunscreen lotion before stepping out but it did not work, then it is the fault of the product, and to be more precise, your decision of making the wrong purchase.

Normally, when we shop, we just check the clothes, the colour, the fitting and the radiant it would bring when wore. But cosmetics? Well, they require to be selected on the basis of colour, texture or anything else. All you need to consider is your own skin type the composition of the product.

Here, we have listed some points that leave you with no other choice than to consider before you buy a sunscreen lotion.

Five things to check before buying a sunscreen lotion

SPF Content: It is one of the most important points that you should consider before you a sunscreen cream. This is simply because the protection of the skin through sunscreen lotion is determined by its SPF content. For the places where the sun shower showers its rays to extensively, you should use SPF 30 that can give the perfect protection against the UV rays. For a slightly cooler place, SPF below 30 can opt.

Manufacturing date: Well, there is actually no need that you should count on this point. It is very natural that you should always check the date of manufacturing before purchasing it. Moreover, a sunscreen lotion normally comes with two years’ time-period, yet that does not mean you should buy a one-year-old product. Always try to purchase the most recent lotion that is available in the market.

Brand: If you think a brand should not be considered as long as the product suits you, then you are actually wrong. The brand plays a vital role here. Moreover, if you have the notion that branded product is equivalent to expensive, then it is not. There are products available in the market which consist of both brand tag and cheaper price-tag.

The composition of the product: Another important point that should not be skipped at any cost. If it contains any harmful ingredient, then you should not go for it. For example, many lotions contain oxybenzone that sometimes affects hormone while sometimes causes skin allergy.

Suitable for sensitive skin: One of the most irritating condition is when you have sensitive skin. You need to be very cautious about the products that you buy. Hence, to get the best result out of the sunscreen lotion, always check whether it covers all skin type test or not. If not then better skip that product.

Waterproof sunscreen lotion: Last but not the least, check the waterproof or sweatproof sunscreen lotion. During summer, sweat is very likely to happen and especially if you reside in a humid place. A waterproof product will be resisted against washing or wiping down along with the sweat.

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