5 Essentials Every Female Rider Must Know

Whether you are riding a motorcycle, or driving a car, don’t let your gender stop you from seeing and experiencing things that you would have otherwise done had you been a man. We have compiled 5 of the most essential safety tips every female rider must know.

Female Rider Safety Tips

Women all around the world are standing shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts when it comes to exploring the world. Whether you are riding a motorcycle, or driving a car, don’t let your gender stop you from seeing and experiencing things that you would have otherwise done had you been a man. Exploring the world is all about staying positive and protecting yourself from the hazards double usually apparent, but some that are not easily spotted especially if you do not have to experience for it. With that in mind, we have compiled 5 of the most essential safety tips every female rider must know.  

Know all of the rules, and follow them 

Know all the safety rules and regulations after place that you are writing in. Do not expect people to give you a get out of jail free pass because you’re a woman! Failure to abide by the laws and regulations usually leads to accidents, and if you are riding a motorcycle, there is a very high chance that you will be the one to lose the most. Do not cut corners, and never push your limits when it comes to following the rules and regulations. For cross country and cross border explorers, take some time to find out all the nitty-gritties and quirks of the road safety laws at the destination. Trouble starts to happen as soon as you violate road safety law and get pulled over by the lot or it is, or get in a scuffle with a fellow motorist. If you use your motorcycle very frequently, it might also a good idea to invest in an action camera that can be mounted on the top of the branded helmet to capture video evidence in case of an accident.  

Always wear safety gears 

do not step out of your house without wearing all the necessary motorcycle riding safety grills irrespective of how far you plan to write. The most essential and fundamental of riding gears is a premium helmet, ideally a full-face motorcycle helmet which provides superior protection against the weather as well as the dangers on the road. But given your riding style, you can also opt for an open-face helmet or a modular helmet. Modular helmets are one of the most common choices for women riders because it gives them the advantage of an open-face helmet while providing the safety of a full-face helmet all at the same time! In addition to a premium helmet, you are also going to need riding gloves, riding boots, jackets – the whole shebang!   

Identify hazards early on  

Developing situational awareness key to staying safe on the road. While you must follow the rules and regulations while riding a motorcycle, you cannot simply expect others to do the same. There could be people riding under the influence of alcohol, or being distracted by their mobile phones. it is important to spot hazards early on and take evasive action too about being in an accident. In order for that to happen, choose a branded helmet and motorcycle riding gear with a wide visor that gives you a commanding view of the road around you, as well as a good sense of the ambient noise of vehicles approaching you from behind. Never make the mistake of removing rear view mirrors from the motorcycle, or listening to music loudly while riding a motorcycle. Do you know the concept of target fixation? Don’t focus on oncoming traffic while riding a motorcycle, because that is when the brain sends subtle signals to your hands to steer the bike towards an oncoming danger! Focus on the empty space in front of you and keep the bike pointed in that direction.  

Keep your bike serviced properly 

When was the last time you had your motorcycle service? Every motorcycle manufacturer mandates a specific schedule for the vehicles to be serviced, and you should not miss those service intervals. Failure to maintain and keep the motorcycle in its optimal settings can lead to accidents which could have been easily avoided by taking the motorcycle to your nearest servicing station for pre-emptive repairs and maintenance. It is never too late to get it done! If you have been missing on the services of your motorcycle because of the pandemic lock down, it’s time you get it done now. Also, after motorcycle service and check for any impending mechanical problem before heading out on a long-distance road trip. Every morning before beginning the ride, take 5 minutes of your time to do a thorough check-up of all the mechanical parts, wirings, tubing, oil levels of the motorcycle so that you do not find yourself stranded in the middle of the road because of a mechanical problem! 

Know the limits of the machine and your skills 

Never push yourself, out the machine beyond its optimal driving limits. Accidents happen when enthusiasm becomes idiocy! If you wish to explore the limits of your own skill levels, and after machines performance, choose an empty road, and where all the riding safety gears to do that, a public road full of traffic is definitely not the place to do it. In emergency conditions when you have to post a machine beyond its limit do it in a very gradual manner while keeping an unwavering focus on staying safe at all times.  

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