5 Challenges Faced by BPO and Call Center Outsourcing Vendors

Bygone are the times when offering the resolutions to customers was just limited to a phone call. The call center industry is not left untouched by the magic of technologies and their operations in the process to fetch out positive results.

To raise above the business complexities, the organizations are seen approaching for call center outsourcing services from third-party call center outsourcing firms.

The call center outsourcing bodies are known to deliver solutions in a well-crafted manner.

But believing that these firms do come with a silver spoon is totally wrong.                    

The BPOs and call center outsourcing faces multiple challenges in the way to achieve expected targets as proposed by the client.

In this article, we will be listing out five challenges that do come in front of the vendors when they tend to cater to the call center requirements.

Let’s dive in!

1.  High Expectations from Customer and Client:

In today’s time, the customer is well-known for its rights and aware of the latest development in the area.

Hence, each customer aims to have the best of solutions in minimal time that set the bar of standards high for the call center outsourcing vendors providing services to clients and their customers.

Well, the firms offering call center outsourcing services are known to give best efforts but constant high expectations of customers and clients and vendor’s inefficiency to respond instantaneously can add the personnel in the list of a dissatisfied customer.

Such situations for sure don’t act in favor of the vendor and arise as one of the major challenges against having expected business benefits.

2.  Cross-Border Law and Regulations for Call Center Outsourcing Vendors

BPOs and call center service providers need to deal with rules and regulations when it comes to serving the clients that are based at an offshore location.

Although offshore outsourcing is considered as best due to its capability of offering solutions at flexible timings without any sort of language barrier and at very reasonable prices.

Still, the outsourcing firms face certain challenges when it comes to delivering BPO and call center services to customers residing at a cross-border location.

The most often reasons for such stagnations are hard and fast compliance and certifications that are required for trading purposes.

Also, the local restrictions in a particular region imposed by the government due to socio-political activities and increased rates of business frauds can add that concern to the list as a challenge for having a seamless business.

3.  Sturdy Work Schedule and High Attrition Rates

Unexpected load and requirements from the client’s end can put colossal pressure on the shoulder of agents that are assigned to handle the call center outsourcing services.

The expected demands lead to hefty work schedules that may also call for work beyond office timings.

The workload can create the fumes of frustration at the desk that can fall less in offering required resolutions from the agent’s end.

Hence, the dearth of understanding forces the large group of agents to vacate or retire from their positions within the specific time period.

The high churn rate puts the call center outsourcing vendors under gloomy clouds for managing both, i.e., employees and customers at the same time.

4.  Impotent Call Center Outsourcing Services Due to Multiple Deliveries

Call center outsourcing organizations are firms that bolster in carrying out the business and call center operations on behalf of their clients.

Like any other business, the call center outsourcing firms do their best to earn maximum profits for themselves and glisten amidst the market.

Hence to serve their business goals, the outsourcing firms take up a number of projects that revolve around managing the call center operations.

To spread oneself thin, the call center outsourcing vendors practice handling too many projects at once, which may make the flow of deliveries complexed.

The complex delivery of call center outsourcing services fails to accomplish the promised goals and offered resolutions seem to be ineffective to satisfy the issue raised by the customer.

5.  Regular Updation of Tools and Technology

The tools and technology of today’s time differ a lot in functionality from what it used to be before.

Hence, to match up the pace with the market and to stay ahead of its competitors, it is important to bring advanced tools and technology in use.

These tools and technologies bolster in fetching out affirmative results and serve the purpose of having call centers by offering solutions to the maximum number of queries in the minimum time period.

To achieve such applauding results, it is mandatory to regularly adopt the new technologies in the niche and update the versions of existing ones, which somehow can act as a challenge to call center outsourcing vendors as it involves a huge amount of money for installation and training to operate the same.

In Conclusion:

BPO and call center are the entities that work for linking the brand with their customer by offering the solution in an optimized form.

Each call center outsourcing vendors faces its own set of challenges that affect the rates of expected outcomes. Hence, over-going the above-mentioned set of call center challenges in advance can bolster the unit to be prepared beforehand for the actual occurrence of the situation without compromising on quality and goals.