11 Work Safety Jokes That May Help Employees Remember Safety Protocol

Amazon has seen more than double the warehouse injury rates of other companies. Given that workplace safety is a top priority, or at least should be, Amazon might want to consider finding ways to improve it.

What’s one of the best ways to keep your team safe? Well, work safety jokes of course!

There’s nothing better than a few quirky lines to keep safety tips in mind at all times. If you’re interested in building a safer workplace, consider reading some of the following work safety jokes!

Social Media Distractions

Phones can be super distracting, so consider this joke to avoid disaster!

“In case of fire, leave the building before posting about it on Instagram or Facebook!”

Follow Protocol

Sometimes people want to put in less effort and expect the same results.

“Shortcuts cut life short!”


It’s important to remind people that it’s their job to stay safe.

“Safety starts with S and ends with you!”

Check Your Tools

Double-checking your equipment is essential. If you get your First Aid Supplies Online, consider double-checking them, as well!

“Don’t be a fool, remember to check your tools!”

Staying Organized

While it’s more of a rhyme than a joke, it’s still a great one.

“Keep the workplace clean to avoid making a big scene!”

Keeping Hands Safe

Fingers and toes are important for getting paid.

“Safeguard your hands, you need them to¬†grab your paycheck!”

Arriving Late

People can do dumb things to get to work on time, sometimes.

“Better late and alive than dead and on time!”

Being Safe Isn’t Painful

Following workplace safety standards can feel frustrating, but:

“If you think that rules about safety are a pain, imagine an accident!”

Be Sure

Always make sure you’re following the right protocols.

“It’s better to be dead sure than sure dead!”

Avoiding Mistakes Is Essential

While some mistakes are unavoidable, the more careful you are in regard to workplace safety, the more likely you’ll avoid them.

“Your first mistake could be your last!”

Body Posture Matters

When you’re working with certain equipment, it’s important to keep in mind that body posture can make all the difference. Certain movements or positions can put your joints and other body parts at risk.

“If you try to lift with your back, you’ll probably hear a loud crack!”

Creating a Safer Workplace Through Work Safety Jokes

Many companies and organizations consider a safety presentation or safety seminar as two of the best options for creating a safer workplace. The truth is, at the end of the day, that staff has to stay on top of what they’re doing.

While context matters, especially when it comes to the quality of the equipment being used, each employee has to take responsibility for their actions. They should stay alert at all times, follow safety protocols, and communicate any possible issues they might find while working.

Hopefully, this list of work safety jokes provided at least a few examples that might help people remember to stay safe. If so, consider taking a quick look at some of the other posts on the website!

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