A Guide on How to Use Windows Video Editor at its Best

Windows Video Editor

If you regularly shoot videos with your camcorder, it is necessary to invest in a video editor software so that you can edit the mistakes without having to hire a professional. Movavi Video Editor offers an array of video editing tools for professional video editing. Once you have mastered the basic features in the software, you will find that it is very easy to create a smooth video in no time.

Join USB cable

Before you can edit your video clips, you must first join the USB cable in between your camera and computer to transfer the video shots to your hard drive. After the videos have been transferred to your hard drive, you must open Movavi Video Editor and import them into software. To open the video files in the software, you can drag them over to the video row in the timeline. The videos can also be load into the timeline by clicking the Add Media Files button and navigating to the folder and selecting the video files from your folder.

Scissor Tool

You can use the scissor tool to split the video so that you can use the most important parts and delete the rest of the parts that you don’t need. Splitting a video clip is easy and you just have to drag the red marker to the start point and click the scissor tool to split it. When trimming the video clips, you don’t have to be afraid of splitting the video at the wrong point because you are in editing stage and none of the changes will affect the raw footage until you save it.

Join Video Clips

Movavi Windows video editor gives you the ability to join video clips with transition styles. If you want to join two video clips with a particular transition style, you must drag the transition style to the middle between the two clips you intend to join. Different transitions will add different animations to the video clip so you will want to preview them first in order to choose the best one.

Add Text anywhere

Movavi Video Editor allows you to add text on anywhere in the video. In the titles styles library, you will find various styles of titles, for example you can use the quote title style for adding quote in the video. There are also animated title style that can move across the screen on its own for example the scroll title style features the title scrolling across the screen.

When you double click the title, a pop up with three buttons will appear including gearwheel, T and color pick. Clicking the gearwheel button allows you to make changes to animation speed of the title style. You can also set how long the title animation will last in the gearwheel. Clicking the T button allows you to make changes to the font color, size and alignment.

Add Soundtrack

Movavi Video Editor allows you to add your own soundtrack or use a preset soundtrack from the library. Adding soundtrack from the video can make changes to the mood level. You can drag the soundtrack from your desktop into the audio row in the timeline to blend it into the video. You can click the export button to export the video after you have finished organizing your clips and making all the necessary adjustments.