Top 4 Types Of Transformer Oils and Their Applications

Transformer Oils and Their Applications

Generally, there are three types of transformer Oil used in transformer oil

1) Naphthenic oil

With the aid of well-furnished production unit, we are affianced in offering a comprehensive spectrum of Naphthenic Oil to our respected patrons. Naphthenic Oil is processed using the top-notch chemical compound in tandem set industry strategies. We also modify our variety as per the details were given by patrons and offer them within specified time-frame.


  • Balanced composition
  • Accurate pH value
  • Longer shelf life

2) Paraffinic oil

Paraffinic oil is very important to oil Since our commencement in this comprehensive industry for the Paraffinic oil. We are involved in the arena of presenting and supplying to our patrons an inclusive collection of Paraffinic Oil processed with precision, this Paraffinic Oil is composited making use of finest-class chemical strictly examined on miscellaneous constraints before finally delivered at our customers end. Compatible With EPDM Butyl & Reclaim Rubber Application Oil extended EPDM Rubber, EPDM Profiles, Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts Steam Hoses Butyl Tubes

3) Silicon Oil

For Silicon oil, we are involved in to the offer a Very big and the wide assortment of the Silicone Oils to our clients, these products are obtained from the most trusted vendors of the market and are available at competitive prices, our encapsulants are defined by industry norms and standards, these encapsulants are manufactured using quality raw material at our vendors unit, fire retardant, hence it is used only for fire-prone area, lower heat dissipation capacity and high moisture absorbing capacity Costlier than mineral oil.

4) Bio based transformer oil:

Bio-based is a type of transformer oil which is produced from vegetable oil feedstock, this oil does not contain petroleum hydrocarbons, silicones, or halogens, it quickly biodegrades in case there is a leak or spill, and is non-toxic in nature. Also, bio-based transformer oils have a far superior resistance to fire than mineral oil the global bio-based transformer oil market is estimated to reach $106 million in 2018, growing at a CAGR of 7.7% from 2013 to 2018.

Bio-based transformer oil market is segmented into major geographies including Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and Rest Of The world.

Application Of The Transformer Oil

Distribution transformer:

Distribution Transformer is one of the best transformers and it is an electrical isolation transformer which converts high-voltage electricity to lower voltage levels acceptable for use in homes and business because they’re more or high voltage required, a distribution transformer one of the high voltage provide transformer its function is straightforward to step down the voltage and provide isolation between primary and secondary.

Electrical energy is passed through distribution transformers to reduce high-distribution voltage levels down to end-user levels nearly all energy passes through at least one distribution transformer before being consumed by an end-user appliance of any electrical component, motor, or another piece of equipment. Distribution Transformers are found in all sectors of the economy: residential, commercial, and industrial.

Power transformer:

There are four basic types of Maintenance

  1. Corrective Maintenance
  2. Preventive Maintenance
  3. Risk-Based Maintenance and
  4. Condition based maintenance

and PD comes under Condition based maintenance program to diagnose the condition of insulation degradation and this is helpful to protect to transformer before failure partial Discharge measurement is a fundamental tool is the tools for users to assess the condition of Dry type/ Oil-filled power transformers.

This is online method can directly assess the solid insulation of power transformers and identify the deterioration of inter-turn insulation, disks insulation, HV to LV insulation, OLTC, and bushing to know more about and all condition of any type of the transformer and the insulation degradation field in advance before major failure, this doesn’t require major shutdown, and is performed under normal operating voltage.

It’s useful to benchmark the normal working condition of high voltage systems and storing baseline measurement results to enable comparison with future test results.