Top Benefits of Using Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-Platform App Development

Most businesses are running with the help of mobile apps these days. Even the case with you might not be any different. But what if your Android app gathered huge success so far, and now you want to launch an iOS app too? You might become worried about another considerable investment. 

Now the question comes, should you be concerned about such a challenge? From our point of view, the answer is no. But why? You might ask. Because you can still develop a suitable business app for multiple platforms with little or scanty investment. And the method we are indicating here is cross-platform app development using the Flutter framework. 

Yes, once you choose Flutter for your multi-platform app development needs, you will have to give less time and spend less money while making a mobile app that can run on several operating systems. But the riddle comes, why should you pick Flutter for your desired app creation? 

Why not other software development kits, like React Native, Ionic, PhoneGap, and Xamarin? You might want to put such queries before us. Therefore, we have prepared the response to the aforementioned question in advance. Let’s understand it through some statistics:

What are some stats about Flutter that all Flutter app developers should imbibe?

  1. More than 26 thousand apps are powered by Flutter.
  2. The Flutter-driven apps have been downloaded more than 15 billion times.
  3. Flutter is the most popular multi-platform mobile SDK used by hundreds of software developers in 2022, according to a recent survey. And the same survey has also revealed that almost 46% of software development personnel have utilized it.

Post sifting through these numbers, we hope you got an idea of why it is a sound decision to rely on Flutter SDK for your cross platform app development needs. If yes, hire a Flutter app development company now and get your targeted app developed, examined, and released as soon as possible. 

With that discussed, it is time to go further with:

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a top pick for cross-platform app development when you want your potential app to be:

  1. Fast 
  2. Beautiful
  3. Performant 

What else? If you want your app-driven business to reach an international audience at the earliest, Flutter can support your aim in the best possible way.  

What are some remarkable examples of mobile applications built with Flutter?

  1. BMW (Automotive)
  2. Google Ads (Utility)
  3. Alibaba (eCommerce)
  4. Hamilton Musical (Entertainment)
  5. Birch Finance (Finance)
  6. Coach Yourself (Health & Fitness)
  7. Reflectly (Lifestyle)
  8. Spacechat (Social Networking)

What are the benefits of hiring Flutter app developers for your multi-platform app development?

1. It is aesthetically appealing

Do you know what the biggest USP of Flutter is? If not, we must let you know that it is its material design widgets. These widgets are so useful that they can give your app a sleek yet sophisticated look that is sure to attract the attention of your users.   

2. It is fast 

The finest cross platform app development company on the cloud says that time is no less than money in terms of software development. And Flutter leaves no stone unturned in saving your time. Want to know how? Well, it is presented with a hot reload feature that allows app creators to make certain changes to their code and let them view the outcome in real time. 

And all this can happen without the need to restart the entire app. This way, neither software professionals will have to spend unnecessary time on app development, nor they will get annoyed during their app development process.   

3. It functions well 

If the words of a myriad of Flutter app developers are to be believed, Flutter apps are compiled before time using its Dart programming language. As a result, it performs faster and smoother on mobile devices.  

4. It supports internationalization

Flutter comes with a unique ability that allows it to get widespread at an international level. That means if you want your mobile application to reach a global audience, Flutter can help forge an app that will be available in several languages.

5. It ensures quicker development 

As discussed above, Flutter lets you take a glimpse of the changes done to your code without needing to restart the concerned app. Doing such things expedites your development workflow since you do not need to carry out the compiling process every time. Thus if you are planning to work on big projects anytime soon, this framework can help complete them before the time you expected. 

6. It aids in identifying bugs sooner than later

Now you might not know another advantage of the hot reloading feature, but we will tell you the same today. This functionality also assists in finding errors sooner than later, as per an excellent cross platform app development agency. 

It means if you make a minor or major change to your code that results in an error, you can watch that error in the emulator or simulator right off the bat. By doing this, you can debug your code in the twinkle of an eye and enhance your overall workflow. 

7. It lets you experience the least possible error 

Another good news about the hot reload feature is that it plays a crucial role in preventing bugs that might take place when introducing some changes to multiple files at the same time. By making the most of this particular functionality, the errors that occur can be eliminated immediately, and then you can restart working on your project without losing your position. This is a tried and tested method of time-saving compared to restarting the mobile program every time a fault appears.  

8. It comes with a broad range of rich widgets 

Are you even informed that Flutter apps are formed using widgets? Yes, these widgets are only the fundamental building blocks of standard applications. You can take advantage of these widgets to fabricate the functional and visual elements of an app, including but not limited to:

  1. Buttons
  2. Texts 
  3. User input fields

What’s more? As per the viewpoint of experienced Flutter app developers out there, Flutter’s widgets are designed to follow the Material Design guidelines of the Android operating system and the Cupertino style of Apple. With the help of these widgets, it becomes a cakewalk to customize the UI of an app with the least possible effort, i.e., often a time-consuming process in cross-platform app development. 


Now that you have understood well the significance of Flutter for multi-platform app creation, there is no better time than now to get into conversation with seasoned Flutter app developers to manufacture your cross-platform app.