Top 5 Virtual Exhibition Platforms

Virtual exhibitionsThe unforeseen forecast of the global pandemic has disrupted live physical events completely in 2020. The pandemic has resulted in the upheaval of events, thus leaving businesses around the world in complete flux. With the impact of COVID-19 organizations and businesses have transformed their live physical events into a visually rich digital environment. Today, virtual events have become the new normal and paved a gateway of enormous opportunities for businesses to grow.

Virtual Venues

Virtual venues are booming in 2020 and came as a savior for many businesses. The percentage of virtual events has spiked up suddenly which increased the demand for virtual event platforms. Right from recurring meetings, conferences to job interviews, and every other physical event have been moved in a digital space. The number of increasing virtual event platforms and software on the internet daily states it all. Apart from day to day events, trade shows, expos, and exhibitions have been moved online. Organizing virtual exhibitions and expos is the most promising but difficult one in line.

Transforming the entire event into a visually rich digital space is not as easy as it seems. Initially, exhibitors and sponsors are skeptical about the newness of the format and the involvement of the technology. But, there is no such thing a comprehensive platform can’t take off. The perks served by virtual exhibition platforms motivated exhibitors to leverage the same and generate revenues.

The virtual event industry has witnessed a sudden boost over the past few months. It has protected many businesses from dipping down and keeping the business going even in the challenging times of the global pandemic. It won’t be wrong to say virtual is here to stay for long and is the future of the event industry. In this post, we have listed the top 5 virtual exhibition platforms to make your business bloom.

5 Best Virtual Exhibition Platforms

Today, there are an ample amount of virtual exhibition platforms available in the market. It enables you to organize virtual exhibitions and shows with a 3d virtual event set up and offers customizable services. With the emergence of many competitors in the market, the competition has been on to offer the best solutions and features. Many exhibitors were still skeptical to enter the virtual event bandwagon due to the complexity and involvement of technology.

Various thoughts consisting of whether virtual exhibitions and shows pay off the cost of organizing it or not cross their minds. But, the perks and benefits offered by virtual exhibitions made them leverage the same. Venturing virtual exhibitions and expos in a visually captivating digital space offers enormous benefits. The benefits offered by virtual exhibitions are far beyond the reach of in-person events. Right from reducing the traveling expenses, carbon footprints, saving logistics hassle, generating substantial ROI, virtual exhibitions offer many more benefits. Have a look at the top 5 virtual exhibition platforms that are trending in 2021.


Dreamcast is a top leading and one of the most popular virtual event platforms that enables you to organize any type of virtual events. It offers a wide range of high-tech virtual event solutions that are a perfect fit for any business. The engaging tools and interactive features offered by the platform enables you to host any event and deliver an immersive experience. Right from hosting virtual meetings, conferences, AGMs, town halls, networking, job & career fairs, trade shows, exhibitions, and expos, Dreamcast virtual event platform serves all.

The platform offers 3d virtual event set up along with customizable services. Dreamcast enables exhibitors and sponsors to customize their virtual booths as per their brand image. It results in increasing brand visibility and reaching ample attendees globally. Live audio/video/text chat functionality offered by the platform enables attendees to network freely in a digital space in real-time. Attendees can have free-flowing interactions with virtual booth representatives the same as traditional exhibition booths.

Apart from it, the platform offers the option to organize live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, gamification, and so on. It helps in boosting engagements at virtual exhibitions and expos. Dreamcast virtual event platform offers a robust data tracking feature that captures every digital attendee’s footprint. It tracks every virtual attendee move right from the start till the event ends. It helps in creating a detailed analytics report that helps in measuring performance metrics. If you are looking for a platform that is backed by 24*7 customer support and no audience capping feature, Dreamcast virtual exhibition platform offers all and delivers seamless event experiences.


Hexafair is another virtual exhibition platform that enables you to host virtual exhibitions and expos, trade shows, summits, etc. The platform offers 3d virtual event technology that enables attendees to interact at virtual exhibition booths the same as traditional booths. The platform facilitates attendees to have a closer look at the detailed information on products and services. Apart from it, attendees can access images, watch pre-recorded video content, download brochures, and have interaction with booth representatives. Hexafair enables attendees to request a virtual meet up, exchange business cards, and have video conferencing calls. The networking capabilities offered by the platform enables attendees to connect with one another as well as with exhibitors. However, it results in boosting overall event experiences and delivering real-life experiences to attendees.


Vfair is a virtual event platform that offers engaging and interactive features and customizable solutions. Whether you are planning to host a virtual trade show, summit, virtual exhibition, and expo, Vfairs serves all. The platform enables organizers to customize virtual booths the same as in-person traditional booths. Attendees can access the content and presentations on-demand and can even download it to watch it later. The chat features offered by the platform enables attendees to have conversations in real-time via audio, video, and keyboard chats.


6connex can’t be missed when we talk about top virtual exhibition platforms. It is another popular platform that enables you to organize virtual exhibitions and shows and reach your audience virtually. Virtual exhibitions offer a chance to exhibitors to showcase their offerings globally, thus resulting in better brand visibility. The platform enables attendees to have 1:1 interactions with booth representatives as well as with each other in real-time.


Inxpo is one of the upcoming virtual event platforms that has hosted many virtual events in the past few months. If you are planning to organize virtual exhibitions and shows or want to host product demos, Inxpo serves all. The platform offers high-quality video streaming and webcasting capabilities along with on-demand video content. Inxpo enables attendees to access the event live or on-demand. The platform enables organizers to recreate real-life experiences of traditional exhibitions in a digital space. An organizer can create a virtual lobby to closely replicate traditional expos and exhibitions. The platform facilitates attendees to interact with virtual booth representatives in real-time and schedule product demonstrations.