5 Actionable Tips For Better Home Aesthetics

Check out these tips you can follow to revamp your space and make living in it a lot more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Better Home Aesthetics

Interior design used to be a lofty thing. It seemed like something only professional designers can do well. It sounded intimidating and oftentimes left people feeling frustrated about beautifying their homes. Especially if they don’t have the budget to hire a professional.

But not anymore. Today, lots of information online and millions of inspiring photographs are available on Pinterest and Instagram. This improves the aesthetics of one’s home has become a much easier and fun endeavor.

Though hiring a professional interior designer is definitely a great choice to make, you now have the option of DIYing your way to better home aesthetics! Below are some tips that you can follow to revamp your space and make living in it a lot more enjoyable and fulfilling:

1. Start by decluttering.

Declutter became a buzzword in 2019, but it is more than that. It isn’t just a trend or an optional component of home aesthetics—it’s a piece of the essentials. 

It has lots of known benefits, too. For one, decluttering frees up spaces that you can put to good use. It could also make everyday cleaning easier by getting rid of things that do nothing but collect dust.

Additionally, it could have an impact on your wellbeing. As stated in a research paper written by Roster and Ferrari and published in the Journal of Environment Psychology, “When there’s lots of clutter, you lose control over your physical environment, which is very defeating and can bring on stress, depression, or anxiety.”

Decluttering done right could have powerful physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Plus, doing it as a first step to home redesigning would give you a bigger space to work with and to pour your creative juices into.

2. Choose a color palette that suits your desired vibe.

A tricky thing about home aesthetics is that it looks different for different people. A nice-looking space for one person could appear unsettling for you, and your own image of aesthetically pleasing might seem overboard or too simple for another. 

However, because it’s you who lives in your space, your taste is most important. What kind of vibe do you want your home to exude? What feelings do you want to have when you sit on your sofa and look around your living space?

The color and the materials of your home—the walls, the floor, the furniture, and the decorations—exude a certain vibe. With that, it’s important to define the vibe you want and stick to a color palette that gives off that vibe.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to repaint your walls and replace all your furniture and home decorations—although you may choose to do that. Alternatively, you could choose to use wallpapers and rearrange your home decors to achieve the style you want.

3. Small space? Create an illusion of a bigger space using mirrors.

Mirrors can create wonders in your home. If you have very limited space, strategically placing mirrors on your walls will instantly give your place more depth and an illusion of spaciousness. Additionally, mirrors reflect light, so they’re especially beneficial if you want a bright home interior.

4. Replace dim and faulty lighting.

Dim lighting makes everything else look dim—your walls, your furniture, your favorite decorations, even your complexion! It fails to highlight the colors of everything in your room, so unless you really prefer having dim surroundings, replacing old and faulty light fixtures could be a quick way to spruce up your place.

5. Place furniture where they are needed

Look at any modern and contemporary home design, and you’d notice that furniture pieces are strategically positioned in areas where they are most needed. They aren’t there merely for decoration; they have a function and they serve these functions well.

Although home aesthetics is concerned mainly with design, one thing that makes homes inviting is the presence of useful things. When you know that you have what you need to relax in your living room, dine in your kitchen, or store supplies in your pantry, your home becomes more appealing and livable.

In some cases, you’d have to get rid of furniture that doesn’t serve you. You might even have to buy new ones. Whichever is the case for you, what’s important is that your furniture choices serve your needs and that of your family.  

Revamping your home could be a fun and fulfilling venture. If you keep the tips above in mind, you’re surely on the right path to making your home a much better place to live and thrive in.