6 Things to Do When You Find Burst Pipe at Your Home

A burst pipe can be a headache or a nightmare and will stop your daily routine completely. A burst pipe can also damage all your surrounding elements. So, if you find a burst pipe at your home then you have to act as soon as possible in order to minimize the damage before it exceeds. There are several reasons because of which this problem can occur. The expert can help you to find the problem and solve the same in order to avoid the repeat.

burst pipe

Here are the few things which you should do when you find a burst pipe at your home. These points are like a first aid for the damage.

1. Shut off the water instantly

If you don’t know the mains of the water, then turn off the water supply from the main valves else shut off the tap from which the water is coming so that draining of water will stop instantly. When a pipe bursts, the pressure will increase many times so the water will expand in all the surrounding areas. Shutting off the water will decrease the damage and the water will not travel everywhere. It will save you from more damage.

2. Locate the place of the pipe burst

After stopping the water from draining or turning off the water supply, locate the place where the pipe burst has happened. If you have a location in hand then you will be able to fix it in a better manner. If you find it a severe problem which you can’t fix then you should hire a professional and till the time the professional comes, temporarily fix it with a tight wrap or with a strong material.

3. Switch off all the electrical mains if necessary

You should cut the electricity from the part of the home from where the water is getting leaked so that you will be safe while working with the burst pipe. A burst pipe can be dangerous to you and your family when it comes to electricity flow. Water is a good conductor of electricity. So, remember to switch off all the wirings from the area where the water is spread.

4. Don’t touch the electrical wiring

Never ever try to touch the wiring or the electrical appliances when they are wet because water is a good conductor of electricity and you will get a shock if you do so. It is great not to touch any appliance near the burst pipe area so that you will not face any danger. Even if you have cut the mains then also as a precautionary measure stay away and let the expert work on it.

5. Call a plumber instantly

A burst pipe can damage all its surroundings as well so call a plumber instantly. Call an experienced plumber who has been working with the burst pipes for a long time. The cost of the plumber will depend upon the condition of the burst pipe. There are companies which don’t provide twenty-four hours services, so you have to call the emergency plumbing services companies in your area.

6. Place a rubber from the point pipe bursts

To fix the problem temporary, place a rubber on the point from where the pipe is bursting so that the water will not come with the pressure from the point of the leakage and you will save all your amenities which are around the burst pipe. You can also fix it permanently if you have an idea.

These are the various points which you have to keep in mind till a professional comes to fix the burst pipe issue which you are facing.