Top 5 Things to Clean Using a Vacuum Cleaner Easily

Vacuum cleaner is no doubt a magical appliance that can make cleaning tasks a breeze. Besides using it for cleaning the floors, you can clean a lot more. From using a vacuum cleaner for sofa cleaning to removing your washing machine’s lint filter, the options are endless. Here are few things that you can clean using a vacuum cleaner.


1. Sofa or Cushions

We use sofas and cushions in our everyday life. So, it is quite natural that they become dusty or grimy with time. It’s very easy to get rid of dust using the crevice tool that comes with all kinds of vacuum cleaner for sofa. Just attach the tool to the device and run it through the crevices. With the right attachment, the vacuum cleaner will suck up all the dirt and dust, giving your sofas a new look.

2. Curtains, Drapes and Blinds

These are major elements of any room’s interior decoration. They accumulate a lot of dust particles, thereby making the interior decor look dull. Though you can consider washing the curtains, drapes and blinds, it is a time consuming task. Using a vacuum cleaner is handy way to clean these fabrics. Even the finest dust particles can be removed and therefore it is highly preferred as compared to any other method.

3. Windows and Doors

During spring, when the windows are likely to be kept open, allergens get inside or stick to the rims of the windows. By using the vacuum cleaner around the rim of the windows and doors once in a while, it is possible to reduce the allergens or dust particles from gaining entry into the home.

4. Washing Machine’s Lint Filter

Washing machine’s lint filter can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner. This technique assures fine cleaning of the machine’s lint cavity. To get the best results, use the crevice tool attachment that comes with your vacuum cleaner.

5. Computers and Electronic Components

As most of the electronic appliances and computers get fairly heated up, it needs sufficient air flow to keep the parts working efficiently. Dust is one of the biggest culprits for failure of these parts, which eventually overheats the appliance. These are very sensitive accessories that need to be handled with care. Though clearing out the dust with compressed air is a quicker job, it spreads the accumulated particles directly into air contaminating it. Vacuum cleaner can do the task efficiently as it sucks up all the dust particles.

From suctioning pet hair out of upholstery to cleaning up the dust on ceiling fans, vacuum cleaners can perform almost any cleaning task efficiently. This wonderful device is more versatile than what you might have thought. So, get creative with the way you dust and make your cleaning tasks hassle-free.