3 Things You Must Know About Lock Installation

Lock Installation

Planning to shift to your dream house by next week? Well, you must have your hands full with packing. Once you step into the new home, things happen in a blur. You leave for your new abode, unpack the boxes, decorate each room and settle down completely. Amidst all this, you generally forget to take a look at the set of keys that unlock the door to your new home.

The previous owner of your house had multiple keys to the lock. Do you feel comfortable using the same set of keys? Is it safe to go about living in the house without getting locks replaced? If you feel doubt popping in your head, act immediately. Hire a locksmith for installing new locks to your property.

1. Selection of New Lock

Now, once you have decided to get new locks installed in the house, you need to select a new lock for your door. The selection of a new lock is a crucial task. You must do some ground research instead of picking any lock for the door. You can always ask other homeowners about their preferences and their reason for choosing a particular lock.

If you don’t find it very helpful, you can hire a professional locksmith, locksmith immediately to get your locks changed or rekeyed. Don’t take any risks when it comes to keeping your family safe. He will ask about your requirements, take a look at your door and recommend the locks that will be perfect for installation.

Many people wonder if new lock installation would damage their doors. Does this cross your mind too and stop you from getting the locks replaced? Well, worry not. If you attempt to install the lock all by yourself, you may end up damaging the door. A residential locksmith can ensure that the appropriate measures are taken, so your home remains well-protected.

They can repair or replace your locks, rekey your home, change out your locks with high-security options, and install access control systems to maintain your safety.  But as long as your hire an experienced locksmith to carry out the job, you will have nothing to worry about. A locksmith will punch in holes in the door to make the installation possible. However, that will not cause any damage to your door.

2. Hiring a Locksmith

When you are hiring a locksmith for the task at hand, ensure that he has the requisite skills and experience. Many times, people hire inexperienced technicians to perform the task. Such technicians do a poor job and cause irreparable damage to the door. In the end, people are left with a damaged door. You can prevent this situation by hiring a professional locksmith who renders lock installation services exclusively. As the installation is a long process carried out in several steps, only a skilled technician can do justice to the task.

Locks cannot be installed in a jiffy. The time for installation varies depending on the material of the door. Most of the people have wooden doors. These doors require less time for installation. However, this is not the sole factor that determines the amount of time required for installation. It also depends on whether your door has the required number of holes to enable installation. If the holes are in place, the locksmith wouldn’t waste any time over it and proceed with installation directly. However, in the absence of holes, he will have to drill them himself. This will require some time. 

3. Time required for lock installation

The third and last factor determining the amount of time required for lock installation is the kind of lock you select for the door. Generally, house owners prefer to go ahead with a simple lock. Such locks are easy to install. However, you may choose a deadbolt lock for your door which is a little complicated to install. Even something as simple as installing a new lock kit takes just minutes for a locksmith, when it could take hours for you to get the job done by yourself. Depending on all three factors, it shouldn’t take a locksmith more than half an hour to install a new lock.

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