7 Things You Should Know about the Uses and Benefits of Neon Signs

Neon Signs

In the world of branding and advertising, neon signs are the new age branding tool which is capturing the market like a storm. Neon sign dates back to early 1900s when George Claude demonstrated in a motor show in Paris on 10th December 1910.

The neon sign is an electrified glass tube which has certain gases. These gases emit light when a voltage is passed through it. With several evolutions of this invention nowadays Neon signs are the best branding tool for businesses to attract customers.

Not only their appearance, but there are innumerable benefits when it comes to using Neon signs as your branding weapon.

Uses and benefits of Neon Signs

1. Eye-catching and high visibility

No doubt, neon Channel Letters are very eye-catchy and appealing to look at. Due to the unique light emitting technique, neon signs always top the list when it comes to the selection of the branding tools. These signs are very easy to spot.

With bright appearance, look and feel, businesses are highly choosing neon channel letters as their branding tool.

2. Wide array of shapes and signs

The glass tubes which are used for the signs can be moulded in different patterns and designs. Therefore, be rest assured that your logo or your business identity will get a lot of attention once the neon sign is introduced to the public.

3. Perfect for night and low light surroundings

This is the unique selling point of neon lights. They look outstanding during night time or low light surroundings.

Just think it in this way, while walking down the road during a pleasant evening and you see a neon sign, “Come, have a drink!”, Will you be able to forget it soon? The answer is no. Because Neon Channel Letters can engrave a message in your mind which you won’t forget soon enough.

4. Less energy consumption

Neon lights use rarefied gases and electricity to light it up. This technology gives neon lights an upper hand advantage to its competitors when it comes to saving electricity. A neon light saves 50%-60% as compared to other traditional lights.

5. Long life

No other traditional light can beat the life expectancy of a Neon light. A traditional Neon Sign has a record of lasting up to 10-12 years! Yes, you heard it right! Whereas traditional light signs hardly last one year. Neon lights are way ahead than the other light signs when it comes to life expectancy.

6. Easy installation

Neon lights are safe to use. They can be placed in outdoors as well as in indoors. Therefore, placing a Neon sign outside is not a problem. But placing the signs in the right place for better promotion can be a challenge.

Therefore, place these signs in strategic spots so that it can capture the attention of your potential customers.

7. Customer attraction

Last but not the least, is the customer attraction. The main purpose which Neon Channel Letters serve is the customer attraction. These signs not only sweep customers off their feet but also embark a strong image of the brand in their mind.

Therefore, wait no more and get a Neon Light sign for your business now.