Guidebook With Steps for Blinds and Awnings Installation

installing blinds

Blinds and awnings are used to protect your house from the harsh rays of the sun. Blinds can be installed on the window and they can either be outside blinds or indoor ones. Either way, they do more than just protect your house from sun rays. Blinds are also very decorative in their build and aesthetic in their appeal. They increase the glamour and sophistication of your entire house. That is why blinds and awnings installation have become popular.

Awnings are protruding sheds that protect the outside of your house from extreme weather conditions. They protect the walls, the veranda and the patio from the sun. It makes sure that the outside of the house is just as cool as the inside. Also, they help in energy conservation by cooling down the house. However, their benefits are many.

Blinds and awnings installation are where most people require help and right guidance. This article aims at making blinds and awnings installation process easier so that people can do it without having to break a sweat.

Steps for Installing Blinds – Follow These

Below, we have provided a step by step procedure of correctly installing blinds. They are as follows:

1. Mark the bracket holes

You should take a pencil or a marker and mark the holes where you want to install them. Make sure it doesn’t interfere with any other furniture or edges.

2. Drilling the holes

Once you have marked the bracket holes what you need to do is drill there and create the holes where you marked them. This is where the screws will go. They are called pilot holes.

3. Installing brackets

Now you need to hold the brackets in the place where you have drilled the holes just like you had held them before. Now you need to use a screwdriver or a drill, to drive the nails and screws in.

4. Top rail

Once you have installed the brackets, you need to pop the end caps on the uppermost rail of the blinds and then you need to place this rail (the topmost one) into the bracket.

installing Awnings

Check if it is done properly: Once your installation is complete, check whether it moves up and down freely or not.

Steps for Installing Awnings – A Detailed Guide

A lot of people think blinds and awnings installation is a herculean task. However, it is anything but that. The following steps explain how to install awnings easily:

  1. After you have gathered tools like tape measurer, ladder, level, drills with bits, caulking gun, sockets and ratchet, you need to take the proper measurements and mark where you want it to go, precisely.
  2. Then, you need to install the mounting bar and fasten one of the ends with an appropriate piece of hardware. You need to ensure that the mounting bar is at the level and fasten the other end. Then you need to fasten the bolts and caulk it to prevent moisture and insects from getting inside the bar.
  3. Now, attach the support arms to the camel back bracket and put the head of the bolt on the outside. This will prevent the fabric from tearing. This must be done on both sides. Then you need to attach the outer canopy rafters to the top rim and the centre canopy rafter to the front rim.
  4. Finally, you can mount the awning on the installed mechanism.

Blinds and awnings installation in your house will immediately increase the class quotient and make your house a lot more valuable.