Top 9 Restaurants In Providence You Must Visit

Perhaps, providence is a worth living place. Either you are a permanent resident or planning a vacation over here; there is much more to enjoy.

Restaurants In Providence

Perhaps, providence is a worth living place. Either you are a permanent resident or planning a vacation over here; there is much more to enjoy. If you are a foodie and want to know about the favourite restaurants in providence, the given list will help you a lot. Undoubtedly you all find a lot more than the fried lobsters or lobster rolls and delicious oyster platter.

 These are the most common dishes served in most famous restaurants in providence. At the same time, providence is famous for the highly skilled people, including intellectuals and artists. All of these people make a vibrant and enthusiastic community. 

Providence owns master chefs, and no doubt it’s a bedrock of all culinary items. Restaurants in providence are amazingly unpretentious yet highly affordable. It’s a worthwhile food destination. Providence is unquestionably a hallmark of smartness and creativity. All the marks shine greatly and end on a better-served plate. 

1. Bucktown 

Bucktown is mainly based in Rhode Island. This restaurant provides delicious food with a southern touch. This is a famous restaurant in providence. However, you can mistake this place with a federal hill hotspot. 

The menu mainly involves the fried chicken recipes with tangy seafood. While the whole menu is delicious and you will be tempted to order all the dishes. Woah! This is not a strange idea because you will end up licking the dishes. Furthermore, you can bargain on this platform. 

2. The river social

River social is an incredible restaurant in providence. No matter, it’s your lunch, brunch dinner, or cocktail time, you can have everything under one hub. In fact, the prices are also economical. Now have your best food at the best place easily and readily.

3. Oberlin

If you are in providence and you have never visited Oberlin, you are so unfortunate. Oberlin is a seafood-based restaurant with high-quality cocktails. Once you visit, you wish to be a regular customer. Italian food is dominant over this place. However, the chefs have changed some cooking methods. For a tangy and unique flavour, you can try a pasta bowl with a big glass of cocktail at this palace. This restaurant offers perfect brunch and dinners in providence. Moreover, the price is also not so high.

4. Enoteca Umberto

It’s a place offering a granny’s home feel. You can easily have your Sunday supper here. Along with other dishes, this restaurant in providence offers amazing family deals. Most of the recipes here have an Italian origin. Indeed the best taste. Besides fresh mozzarella and salumi, you can order other tasty foods as well. You enjoy a different taste, either it’s a meatball bowl or pasta. All the foods are available at an average price. 

5. Persimmon

For seasonal food with a neighbourhood vibe, this American bistro isn’t a bad idea. No doubt this has a shift, but the restaurant still has a personal taste. They have incredible platters, either serving seafood or other items. They have a great showcase and incredible detailing, even for minor items. You can hang out in the bar with your favourite cocktail.

6. Nicks on Broadway

This is one of the best restaurants in providence. It has casual vibes. American dinner combines with a great taste. All the chefs put their talent into making the food more delicious and tangy. There is a wide availability of dishes. You can have dinner, brunch, cocktail and or any other meal you wish to have. However, it’s a bit pricey. 

7. Tallulah’s Taqueria

This is one of the worth visiting restaurants in providence. If you are looking for some Mexican dishes, this is indeed a perfect option. The Mexican menu is so delicious. No doubt, dishes that are mostly seen as local street food are upgraded here. You can order tacos with roasted meat and delicious topping. Torta and burrito bowls are also great in taste. 

8. The Dorrance

If you have a high budget, then this great restaurant in providence would be a great choice. You don’t find any soft white table cloths and any legal service here. Food in the Dorrance is solid but not with whistles and bells on the platter. For a french feel and perfect dining, it’s a great place in providence. For a glamorous dinner, it’s a perfect idea.

9. Yoleni’s

The Yolenis truly determine a greek version. It owns a market, restaurant and Eataly at the same time. This is one of the famous greek brands, undoubtedly boasted in providence. It is located in their-Thurber building. You can easily grab the pita with a big glass of wine. Combining pita with Messe spread makes a perfect meal. You can get your delicious meal at an average price in this restaurant. 


All these 8 restaurants are worth a visit. All the restaurants in providence offer different types of foods although they are so delicious. If you are on a short visit, at least keep this list with yourself. So, you may end up having the best meals in providence.