Why Your Property Needs a Professional Real Estate Management Company

A professional property management company can offer a variety of benefits to landlords. They can assist with finding new tenants, filling vacancies quickly, and provide several other services for owners and residents alike.

A good property manager will thoroughly screen applicants to ensure they qualify for a rental. This includes credit, criminal background checks, previous landlord references, employment verification, and more.


Many real estate investors and property owners choose to manage their properties because they enjoy interacting with tenants and want more hands-on control. However, for those who view their rental properties as investments and want to offload the day-to-day management of their property, hiring a real estate management company is often cost-effective. A professional Glendale real estate management company will advertise vacancies on multiple platforms, using local community boards and online classifieds to reach potential tenants in their market. They also conduct comprehensive tenant screening to make sure that a new renter is reliable, can afford the rent, and will follow landlord-tenant laws and Fair Housing guidelines. A property manager can also save owners money through streamlined expense management that uses integrated accounting software to track and analyze real estate expenses in a centralized location for easy monitoring and analysis. Landlords who skip this step and rely on estimates or their own experience with property management can overspend, under-spend, or misallocate resources.


A professional real estate management company takes the hassle out of finding tenants, screening prospective renters, and executing rental contracts. They’ll also create emergency plans and handle all the other details associated with renting out property. They’ll promote properties across various marketing channels, including online classifieds, MLS listings, and popular rental sites. They’ll also use detailed tenant screening processes that are Fair Housing compliant. They’ll check applicants’ credit, past evictions, income, employment, and more to ensure they can afford your monthly rent and are a good fit for the property. They’ll take the stress out of resident management as well by ensuring that the building is up to code and meeting local safety standards. They’ll help keep residents engaged and happy by organizing activities, sending regular newsletters, and proactively responding to service requests. The more involved your residents are, the more likely they will resign their leases and recommend you to their friends and family.


Professional real estate management companies are well-versed in the complexities of owning rental properties. They have experience addressing tenant disputes, negotiating leases, and doing inspections. They also know local laws that pertain to rentals. This helps them avoid legal problems with tenants or other issues. Property managers are trained to fill vacancies as quickly as possible. They use advanced marketing techniques and professional photography to attract qualified renters. They can also help landlords determine rental prices that are both fair and profitable. Some landlords may have affordable housing programs in which they receive subsidies or grants to rent units to tenants who earn less than a certain income threshold. These landlords must follow a complex set of rules to stay compliant with the program. Professional real estate management companies have experience with these programs and know how to handle all related tasks. They can save landlords time and money while providing high-quality service to their clients.

Peace of Mind

Real estate management companies know how to deal with various issues during tenant occupancy. This includes property insurance claims, landlord evictions, maintenance issues, upgrades and renovations, and more. They also have a good understanding of local rental market trends, which can help them to keep their properties competitively priced and attract quality tenants. They also have the resources and connections to handle tenant issues, such as resolving late rent payments or repairing broken appliances. This saves the owner time, money, and the hassle of dealing with tenant issues. Finally, real estate management companies can provide invaluable advice about the local rental market and can save owners money on maintenance costs by negotiating contracts with vendors on their behalf. This gives the owners peace of mind that their investments are being well-managed. They also can find qualified tenants more quickly and efficiently than the property owners could themselves.