Top 8 Exciting Places to Plan Your Birthday Party

The most important aspect for any party is the -VENUE. With lots of options available in today’s age, you have an array of venues to choose from. For some it is an outdoor party where they like to host but some like to keep it indoors. But choosing a venue is not dependent on the organizer. It depends on your guest count, reachability, management issues and many other reasons.

For a large number of guests, choosing a farmhouse resort would be a grand idea but if you are calling some handful of guests, then may be you can organize it at your backyard. If you are a bit confused regarding your venue, then have a look at the list of places where you may host your birthday party.


1. Public Parks

One of the best birthday party venues for a budget celebration would be a public park. It would be a birthday as well as a picnic for your guests. Just arrange some chairs, tables and put on some blankets on the grass and let your guests roam around freely around the park. Just choose your spot and pep up a little party props around the area.

2. Pool party

One of the most popular birthday venues is the pool. What could be more fun than splashing around the pool and sipping lemonade and nibbling on the cake. Just bring on some beach balls, inflatable tubes, the theme based cookies and juices and your guests would be delighted with your party preparations. Keep the arrangement kid-friendly if they are a part of the party.

3. Restaurant

The pizza parlors, burger joints or the bistro are some of the most fascinating of places where you can organize your birthday party. You don’t have to worry about the catering or food because you are definitely going to order those from them. Keep in mind to ask them about the cost of food that you are going to order in bulk. Make your reservations in advance and clear out your cost differences so that you are not stuck with any issues at the time of your party.

4. Farmhouses

With such an expansive space in front of you, you have the access to whole ground and can organize a party in both indoor and outdoor areas. Farmhouses represent a comfortable atmosphere like home and you get a lot of space to roam around and play. If yours is a huge guest list and moreover you are well prepared with your finances, then farmhouses could be an altogether wonderful option.

5. Home/Backyard party

It is economical and easier to organize than any other venue. You just have to make sure that your catering service is arriving on time. You may even consult some birthday party organizer event company to give your planning a perfect end. If you are in need of a decorator, then picking a planner will be a better idea. Moreover, you have no time restrictions and you can even add a touch of homemade food in your menu.

6. Bowling arena

One of the most popular places to celebrate your birthday is the bowling arena. The entertainment being already decided, you have no need to plan for more. You may even ask the venue manager if he could arrange for some decorations and of course the food.

7. Community Centers/Recreation Centers

These are also budget friendly venues that have a nice accommodating space to take in around 50-80 guests easily. Community centers are chosen by those who want to keep the party closer to their neighborhood, celebrate it in an economical way but have a grand ceremony nonetheless.

8. Gym

For all the fitness junkies, celebrating your birthday party at gym would definitely be a great idea because you would be closer to the place that you love to stroll around. Moreover, your friends would be surrounding you so you don’t need to look for any additional venue.

With such a long list of venues at your hand and with so many options still left, you can organize your birthday in the most lavish of manners. Just have your pick, call your planners and send out your invitations to your guests.