Pauler Lam: The Dynamic Dancer Taking the World by Storm with Asian-American Pop Sensation Eric Nam

In the glitzy world of entertainment, where talent shines like a beacon, Pauler Lam emerges as a luminary who has transformed the global stage with his unparalleled dance artistry. Hailing from the sun-kissed shores of Sydney, Australia, Pauler’s journey is a testament to the relentless pursuit of passion, dedication, and dreams. With an unyielding spirit and boundless talent, he has carved his path from humble beginnings to dazzling the world with his dance performances.

At the age of 27, Pauler left behind the comforts of a corporate career to dive headfirst into the world of dance. It was a leap of faith that would ultimately define his destiny, and he soon found himself intertwined with the illustrious career of leading South Korean Singer/Songwriter Eric Nam. Since his debut in 2013, Nam was named GQ Korea‘s Man of the Year in 2016, included on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia in 2017, and honored as one of YouTube Music’s Global Trending Artists on the Rise in 2019, all making him one of the biggest Asian-American pop artists in the world.

Eric Nam and Pauler Lam make an extraordinary pairing. Their partnership, which began in 2018, has traversed the globe, leaving audiences enraptured in their wake, and all those that have worked with Pauler on the tours have been impressed by his talents.

Pauler’s journey with Eric Nam is a testament to the power of connections in the entertainment industry. Introduced to the team through a recommendation from a fellow dancer, Pauler found himself on a path that would lead to multiple world tours and a profound artistic synergy. Their journey has taken them to far-flung corners of the earth, with the last tour boasting a staggering 60 stops.

“I worked with Pauler on the Eric Nam tour,” said Tristan Edpao. “We were the only two dancers together for the show, so working with someone as professional and talented as Pauler was such a blessing. We have become brothers that get to travel the world doing what we love, which is performing and sharing our love of dance and music. Pauler is such an amazing artist and dancer. He has such a magnetic stage presence and consistently inspires me. To be sharing the stage with him is such an honor.”

Pauler’s integral role in this project cannot be overstated. As one of only two dancers on the tour, he shoulders a significant creative responsibility. He is not just a dancer but also a choreographer and creative director, contributing his unique flair to the show’s visual spectacle. His ability to comprehend Eric’s artistic vision and connect it with the audience’s desires is nothing short of alchemy.

“Working on these world tours with Eric Nam has been such a fun experience. I love working on this project because it is such a thrill to be able to see the world and perform in front of thousands of cheering fans who are there to simply sing and dance along and enjoy themselves. We have all grown together as performers over the years and even the show has grown so much in terms of production value, venue size and crowd size,” said Pauler.

The success of their world tours, with nearly every show selling out, is a testament to the magic they conjure on stage. Pauler’s journey has come full circle, as he recently performed in his hometown of Sydney for the first time. It was a moment of profound significance, a chance to share his dreams realized with family and friends who witnessed his relentless pursuit of passion.

“My favorite thing about each show is hearing the crowd scream in excitement when we first come out on stage. It is such a good feeling knowing how much experience I have gained as a performer, choreographer, and overall creative from working on Eric’s world tours,” said Pauler.

As Pauler and Eric prepare for their next adventure, the “House on a Hill” world tour, spanning over 80 cities across the USA, Europe, Asia, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, their partnership stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring artists worldwide. Their synergy, passion, and commitment to excellence illuminate the path for those who dare to dream.