Top 5 Balloon Arrangement Ideas for Fun & Cheerful Party Celebrations

Balloon Arrangement Ideas

Balloons are the easiest party supplies to decorate a party venue. They can easily fill up any empty room and make it party ready. Also they are very cheap in comparison to other party supplies. People are using balloon arrangements for wedding, birthdays, baby showers and what not. Balloon is so versatile that it can make a perfect party decoration for any event. Even without any preparations you can decorate the party space in few minutes, it so literally so easy. Blow the balloons and hang them up. We are here with some fun and cheerful balloon arrangement for party celebrations.

1. Floating Balloons

This is one of the easiest balloon decorations, order the helium balloons online and on the other end of the balloon tie twirled streamers or ribbons. You can let the balloon float and stick on the ceiling; this will look pretty much like floating balloons. You can hand photos or gifts on one end of the ribbons. The decoration will look so beautiful for birthday or wedding anniversary.

It will create a magical view above your head. Helium balloons can be tied at various heights and give your party a wonderful look.

2. Balloon Arch

This is one of the most common party decorations but this balloon decoration looks very pleasant and welcoming to the guests at the party. You will require so many balloons to make a balloon arch. With the help of poles, this balloon arch can be easily made.

The pole is covered with the balloons with the help of strings and making a semi circular shape both the ends of the balloons are met giving it an arch shape. This Balloon arch is usually kept at the entrance of the party and celebrations to welcome the guest. Send balloons to little ones to wish them Happy Birthday.

3. Wall up with Balloon

For any party, you should have a nice backdrop where guests can click pictures and it can become a selfie corner. Thus you can get number of blown balloons and get them pasted on the wall in different shapes and of different colours.

For wedding you can paste red colour balloons on the wall of heart shape or just cover the entire wall with various patterns of colourful balloon making it a funky wall. If it’s your kid’s birthday party you can make a cartoon character out of the balloons on the wall.

4. Frozen Water Balloons for Beverages

This is again one amazing ideas, we do not have freezers at every party space. As for example when we are partying at the terrace or at the beach side, we use ice buckets. But these ice buckets do not complement our party decorations. So you can fill up the balloons with water and refrigerate them.

Now you can keep your beverages as cold as you like and serve it at the party without the fear it will become warm. This also looks very chic and funky; guests would be blown away with this idea. Send congrats balloons to your friend and congratulate them for being blessed with new born baby.

5. Surprise on Balloon Popping

This is a wonderful party decoration for kid’s birthday party or a party where so many kids are present. At the end of the party you can keep this balloon popping game, where the kids have to pop maximum number of balloons to get the treat inside it.

The balloons can be stuffed with chocolates, tiny toys, and stationery items, actually anything that can fit in. The kids will get excited because they will get so many surprise gifts popping these balloons. If the kids are small, make sure the balloons are not hung too high.

Balloons are the most cheerful party decoration supplies which would light up your party and add a fun element to your celebration.