Norton tech support live chat UK

Live chat is customer service with live support, web analytics capabilities and with a help desk software. Norton uses it as a single point of contact to manage the software with customer services and online sales activities. Customer servicing becomes more intimidating when live chat comes into play. Most of the businesses have already proved that support agents are helpful, reliable, show appreciation, polite and value their customers.

Structure of tech support live chat:

Multiple technologies that are involved in Norton tech support live chat UK are Node.js, MySQL, C++, JavaScript etc. The two main elements that have built the entire platform are agent application along with the chat widget.

  • Agent application – This application is used by the Norton employees to respond quickly to the questions that are raised by the customers. It is a web-based application that allows the employees to log in and conduct a chat with the visitors. This application has one-to-many communication methods and other interface tools such as keyboard shortcuts, canned responses, geolocation, sneak and a peak of customer messages, categorization etc.
  • Chat widget – The chat widget embedded on the tech support live chat is traditionally displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. This small chat box that is available on the visitor’s website helps in coordinating with the customer. They are visible on mobile phones and desktop devices either as a part of the application or in the browser window.

Features and types of communication:

Apart from the chat widget and agent application, the live chat includes other features such as ticketing system, agent’s efficiency analytics, website traffic monitoring etc. Norton tech support live chat UK is available in different languages. The live chat session has two different ways of communication between the agent and the customer. The basic features include:

1.     Invoicing software

2.     Contact management

3.     Analytics

4.     Files sharing

5.     Desktop sharing

6.     Customer relationship management

7.     Performance and uptime tracking

Growing companies prefer live chat for tech support:

Businesses and visitors always prefer a live chat for solving technical support. Smaller businesses always start with improper customer services. The website design and search engine optimization play a vital role in technical support. Lack of reliable chat executive and unresponsive toll-free numbers increases the usage of live chat. Below are some of the advantages of using Norton’s live chat with a tech support executive.

1.     Working on prompt responses

2.     Introduction to new tools

3.     Response time will decrease dramatically

4.     Encouraging self-services

5.     Monitoring the results

6.     Constant improvement.

When online customers wanted to purchase a service from Norton, they may not be interested in picking the phone or spending money on a call or waiting for email replies, so as to resolve all these live chat in Norton approaches the real-time customer service. It also helps in immediate communication where the customer will be about to click on the “Buy” button. The support team is available 24 hours and 7 days a week for easy assistance.