Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive – A Complete Guide

migrate google drive to onedrive

Are you looking for a way to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive seamlessly? Then, here, we will make the whole procedure very easy for users. Many users are working on Google Drive and storing large amounts of data. Google offer Google Drive to keep all the personal and professional data. Most business organisations use this platform to store their data, and now everyone has decided to shift their data to OneDrive.

Google Drive is a file hosting service that offers the user a 15 GB storage capacity. Users can even buy the storage capacity as it also offers a subscription so that users can purchase it as per their requirements. With all these advantages that google offers, users still want to quickly transfer Google Drive to OneDrive. The reason for switching the data might differ, but the procedure is the same.

Purpose to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive

As already discussed, there could be many reasons for migrating Google Drive to OneDrive, but a new user must be aware of this. Now that users have decided to proceed with this migration task, they must be curious to know about the benefits of migrating their data. The main reason behind this migration is the storage issue, business requirements, subscription plans, etc. These are a few reasons for the importance of this migration task.

What are the ways to transfer Google Drive to OneDrive?

The procedure to migrate the data from Google Drive to OneDrive is through a manual method and a professional third-party tool. Users will be able to run the task with their preferred technique. Moreover, both ways have different approaches and processes to commence the job. Users must have vast technical knowledge of the manual method, as only the technical experts can handle this task manually.

The manual method takes a lot of time to complete the whole task, but users now want instant results. So, to get an immediate impact, users are asked to try the professional third-party tool, as it will be an effortless process for the users. The professional method will be less time-consuming and will give the instant result to all the users. So, users are asked to try the authentic professional third-party tool we will share in the following paragraph.

Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive with a manual technique

There are a lot of users who still prefer the manual method even though the professional approach has been launched. The manual procedure was the only way to commence the task earlier, so users mostly prefer this way only. Below, we are sharing the steps for the manual process.

Method: 1- Use Google Takeout to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive

  • Firstly, visit the Google account and enter the required details like email address and password.
  • Hit the drive option, click on export tap, and then deselect all.
  • After that, scroll the page and hit the Next option
  • Now tap on the Add to OneDrive option.
  • Next, users have to set the frequency, size and file type.
  • Lastly, hit the link account, and then you have to create the export option.

Method: 2- Use the download and upload plan for Google Drive migration to OneDrive 

  • Now login to the Google Drive account with your password.
  • Choose the file you want to migrate and move to OneDrive.
  • Post that right click and hit the download option.
  • Later on, your file will be saved in the local drive.
  • Then log in to the OneDrive and hit the + icon to create the new folder.
  • Once you have created the new folder, please open it and click on the upload option.
  • Next, you are supposed to choose the file or folder option and visit the location where you have downloaded the file. Now select the folder/ file to upload it to OneDrive.
  • Users can successfully migrate their data from Google Drive to OneDrive by following the steps.

Which is the best tool for the task

Several tools are available for users to begin the migration process, but not every tool provides security to user’s data. Therefore, one must choose the tool carefully while looking for the solution. The Shoviv Google Drive migration tool is a top-notch utility many users have opted for. It offers various unique features that have impressed many users, which is why users are willing to try this tool. The tool is readily available worldwide, so users can run the task anytime.

  • A job-based process allows users to run other jobs simultaneously without interrupting the process.
  • The software easily migrates Google Drive to OneDrive without consuming much time.
  • There is a schedule option so that users can schedule the migration task per their requirements.
  • The software can migrate files of any type that is stored in Google Drive.
  • Users can also set the limit for the failed item count.
  • It has a very user-friendly GUI that ensures the users finish the task without issues and guides them throughout the job.


We hope that the details or information we have mentioned in the above content will be helpful for the users. Although the process to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive is difficult for users with the cited professional third-party tool, the process will become effortless. One can go with this tool, as it is a trustworthy utility.