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Do you know how old is Manuela Escobar now? Manuela Escobar is one of the renowned personalities, a businesswoman of age 37. She was born on May 1, 1984. She is the single daughter of the kingpin of cocaine Mr. Pablo Escobar from Columbian.

Her original name is juana Manuela Morroquin santos. She went through toss-up times, and fluctuations of life. She was the daughter of a billionaire in the drug business. She used to get every ease when she was under the shade of her father. His father was shot dead by Columbian police on December 2nd 1993, in an encounter.

At that time, It was said to her that her father did all of this thing to save his family for the best. After the departure of her father, she and her mother left the place. She was just a kid of 9 when she lost the shade of her father in the encounter. Since that very time, only Manuela had no criminal record. She has zero criminal record and never got behind bars.

It was nothing but much more concealed for this confidential girl Pablo Escobar. We present to make you excited or entertain about the mysterious journey of this girl. Know about the daughter of a drug dealer here.

If you continue reading this article you will be struck by several questions in your head. These many be like, What she is up to? What about her family? Did she marry or what’s her business now? How did she sustain and earned her living after the exit of his father from the world?

Juana’s Biography

As being born to a billionaire drug dealer’s daughter, who was a kind of businessman. She was born on May 1, 1984, and at present, she is a woman of 37. The initial 9 years of life she spend with her father. After that he was tragically encountered by Columbia police.

Before that, she used to get everything she demanded. It’s said that Juana’s father did love her to that much extent that one day she desired stubbornly for a unicorn, though she was told that unicorns are not real but still she demanded. Then her father did was that, he bought a horse and placed a fake horn on the head of a horse and as an unicorn has wings, he placed that also to transform that horse into a real unicorn.

But tragically, the best gift amongst all she was given from her father was that he died an unnatural death.

Her Childhood

There’s a more interesting and touching thing to know about her childhood. When to hide himself and his family from the police, they rushed to the forest, they had to hide in different places of Columbia; sometimes with no layer between the land and the sky, like jungle type open spaced. So one day they had to hide in the mountains of Columbia, it is a matter of the initial days of the 90s; as per the records and reports her father burned 2 million United state dollars to save her daughter from a chill and frozen night to keep her warm and hot.

If we take a glance at her educational journey, we will find that she never went to school as per the illegal profession of her father, they could stay in one specific land, so became refugees and keep on changing the place. After the departure of her father, they left Columbia and moved to different countries like South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Mozambique, Ecuador and so many more places to keep themselves safe from her father’s enemies.

But then after taking so many moves in the year 1994, they finally shifted to Argentina and there also Juana did not move to school but started taking homeschooling by receiving formal good ambitions.

Juana’s Family

As we have already mentioned above that Juana is the daughter famous drug dealer millionaire of that time in Columbia. Mr. pabalo Emilio escobar gavaria. He used to be called the lord of drugs. After his death, Juana lived with her elder brother and mother changing her name to keep themselves away from the sight of cops they lived by changing their names, after getting shifted to Argentina in the year 1994.

She changed her name to Junana from Manuela, her mother Victoria Henao from Maria, and Manuela’s brother’s real name was Juan Pablo and he transformed his name to Sebastian Marroquin. In the year 1999, she was triggered by another disaster in her life; first was the tragic death of her father then later on her mother and brother got arrested for fake document allegations, money laundering, and false links. Her brother and mother spent some months behind bars, though they were released by officials as they found no sufficient evidence that proves their crime.

As her family spent their life in jail for even a short span, most of the things changed. She started to spend her life in terror now what adversity in her life waiting ahead moreover it leads to a trigger in her mind, she was traumatized and was under deep stress for some time. Then gradually her mother and brother again start gaining the eyes of people they jumped into the spotlight as they released. At that time they were in a stable situation, they happen publicly and recite their tragic story and sufferings.

Junana’s Physical Appearance And Structure

She is a woman of 5’4 inches, weight 52 kg, complexion is blonde. hair length long, eye color is black, exceptional features are cute smile and bold eyes

Manuela’s Profession And Career

Her family shared about her career, though they jumped to public, media and shared their story with the media and shared their sufferings, though they published 

books also about their life. But there was a different phase was running in Manuela’s life, she far away from these activities because she was going through a dark depressed phase of her past incidents.

But as of now, if we peer into her condition at present then we will find she is doing well, if we look at her Instagram description, she is up to a good business and earning in a good manner and amount.

She is up to 2 distinct businesses; first, she sells pet products, that are handmade in Columbia. She runs this business with the name manee pets. And another one is she runs a hotel and bird watching. This hotel is the name “the condor’s Nest”. this hotel is so mesmerizing and surrounded by natural beauty; anyone can spend vacations and quality time with their significant ones. People can go for advanced booking.

Manuela’s Relationship Status

If We share Manuela’s marital status so we will find, there is no authentic marital status. Nobody knows if she is married or not, there are no certain updates on that. But currently, she lives with her love of her this phase and is likely to marry him and the name of that person is Tomas Botero.

If we throw a look at her social account of Instagram then we will find they met on December 24 in the year 2009 and forwarded the relationship by dating. They dated each other for 10 years. When they were sure of their relationship then they start living together in the year 2020, December 24.

As we look at the picture of these 2 Manuela and Tom Botero, it seems like both of them have an extreme love for each other, especially Manuela. Though even after having a relationship lasting for a decade, she never planned any child with Tomas Botero.

Manuela Escobar Net Worth, Salary, And Income Source

Today Manuela Escobar has a fine yearly income of 1.7 million USD. Well, when her father was alive he was a billionaire and still called the most wealthy criminal in history and used to earn a yearly income of 30 billion united states dollars, this is the amount of that time, but we calculate as per today’s frequency. The estimation will be 64 billion USD as of 2021. She is earning a decent package and living a decent life.

Seven Unrevealed Facts About Escobar

Escobar is now a famous personality, she has 

  • more than 10 thousand followers on her Instagram account.
  • She adores taking sun kisses
  • She loves cold coffee
  • She is very fond of dogs and has 3 dogs in her home
  • Escobar loves riding horses
  • She is fond of spending her leisure time in the natural beauty of her hotel.
  • She likes to eat pineapple.

So, this was the complete information about the daughter of the famous personality pablo escobar.

Who is doing good in her life.