Magento 2 Delivery Date Scheduler: A Smarter Way to Retain Customers

Magento 2 Delivery Date Scheduler: A Smarter Way to Retain Customers

Are you tired of late deliveries and return orders?

I have a solution for you – a smart solution for a market-driven business. That’s Magento 2 Delivery Date & Time Extension for your store’s sales, delivery person’s efficiency, and customers’ happiness. 

You might be thinking about how a delivery scheduler can help retain customers? Well, it’s not just a digital tool that would help you mention estimated delivery. It’s much more than specifying dates. And in this article, we’ll learn about all those “much more” features of a Magento 2 Delivery Date and Time that makes it a must-have. 


To understand it better, let’s consider an example. 

Imagine: You run an online gift store, and every time a customer orders a product, there’s this default delivery estimation message “Delivery in 7-10 days” that shows up. What if the customer has ordered the gift for their friend’s birthday and wants the delivery on the same day? The estimated duration doesn’t guarantee if it would be delivered on time. 

In such cases, the probability of return/canceled orders is high. I mean, what would a customer do with a farewell gift that was ordered for a person who has already left the city or the workplace. Of course, they’ll return it or cancel it if it’s not delivered. 

Now, consider you have a Magento 2 Delivery Time Slot extension. An extension that would display the date of delivery and even offer same-day delivery.

Suppose a customer got an invite to a party for the next day at midnight and wanted to order a gift online. They can visit your e-store and order for same-day delivery. They would know then and there if the order could be delivered or they would have an option to choose another product. 

And with that streamlined process, you can retain customers. They would prefer you next time because you’re transparent with your orders and delivery process. Also, they can rely on you as a 2 am store for their same day or next day delivery. 

Here comes the first way – SEAMLESS SCHEDULING.

Next, what if you added a bit more convenience with self-scheduling? 

Instead of just providing them with an estimated day allowing them to take over their order control – selecting their delivery date and time slots themselves. 

That would be cool!

Customers would be more than satisfied if they could surprise their loved ones at midnight with midnight deliveries. Let me tell you that many businesses support this, and so does the Magento 2 Delivery Date & Time extension. 

With it, you can offer your customers the freedom to choose their delivery time and slot. They would feel like having the ultimate power, but it would be about choosing an option that you provide them with. 

It counts for the 2nd way of retaining customers, i.e., ORDER CONTROL. 

But how would your customers know if the delivery person is on their way? Or what if they are not available to receive the order?

The simple solution is to send reminder emails and notifications. But sending manually is next to impossible if you have hundreds of orders. Even if the number of orders is in two digits, it’s tedious tracking shipping activity.

Hence, you must go for a delivery date extension. It will automate all the reminder emails and notifications. It will update customers about the order status – in-transition, out for delivery, etc. Simultaneously, it will update the delivery person in case there’s a change in the order delivery. Instead of visiting customers and returning back with a package, they could skip that customer and proceed with another. 

And that’s how this innovative tool will help you, your employees, and customers – SAVE TIME AND EFFORTS. 

How will customers know that their parcel would reach in 30 minutes? Or how can they inform delivery people whether they’re available or not? If you had these same questions, the answer is the “Call before delivery” feature. 

While ordering, customers can opt if they want the delivery person to call them to confirm their availability. The only effort required to enable it is a single tick. 

You can also allow your customers to edit their date and time, as per their convenience and delivery availability. 

There’s one more feature that makes this experience personal – adding notes and comments. Considering the pandemic and the social distancing norms, many customers prefer delivery people to leave the order at the doorstep. This comment section would allow them to add these kinds of instructions for a delivery person. If your customer wants the delivery person to wish the receiver a happy birthday while handing over the gift. They can add it in the note/comment section.

Customers can also guide delivery people in reaching the destination through comments. Of course, you don’t need it in the era of Google Maps but if that makes customers happy, let them add it. 

Deliver them PERSONALIZATION with Magento 2 Delivery Time Slot. 

Till now, you might be thinking all this is for customers. But what does it have for me? The customer is the King. So, fulfilling their needs is mandatory. And yet businesses need to manage their orders effectively. Without your management, customer-centric features won’t add value. 

Hence, Magento 2 Delivery Date & Time extension allows backend configuration. It allows you to manage your orders and view them on calendars not to miss out on one. Secondly, you can mention holiday and undeliverable dates, which won’t count while providing estimated delivery date options to customers. 

Along with this, every activity or configuration that you need to streamline your business process is available in the delivery scheduler. You want to configure date and time formats, go for it. You want to configure messages, do it. Select shipping methods, configure order processing time, the cost for products and delivery, etc. 

Everything is available, and you’re the ultimate boss for order management and driving sales.

Did I tell you that you can manage intervals between the orders and even limit the same-day delivery orders? You can set the time limit for same-day and next-day delivery – “For same-day delivery, order before noon.”

Choose Magento 2 Delivery Date and Time for EFFECTIVE ORDER MANAGEMENT. 

With this, I hope you’re clear about the Delivery Date Scheduler and how it can double your customer base. For more such information, keep exploring this space!