Learning Ways to Blind Surveillance Systems to Take Preventive Measures Beforehand

There are reasons for people to invest bucks on the surveillance systems. They are doing so to improve the security purposes of their allotted space. Even though, these cameras were designed for business uses only, but these days, anyone can use it. Even if you want to protect your residential place as you have to travel a lot, these video surveillance systems will work wonderfully for you. But, the main question is how to make the systems work great without hampering the same. People, who want to intrude your place, know some tricks to blind video surveillance system Philadelphia and make their way through your place. So, learning about the tricks to blind video systems will help you to get the preventive measures ready too.

Some might use LED:

The intruders will mostly use this method to blind the cameras. They will shine one powerful LED directly right into camera lens. If the flashlight is brighter, then the result will be dope. They can always use the small devices available at store and they know that such methods will work well in dark.

  • They will further block the face with light. They will first do their research to know where the camera is. After finding the same, they will shine light directly into lens. If they get to execute the plans properly, this technique can always create lens flare, making it impossible to tell what the intruder looks like.
  • Moreover, they have to hold the flashlight steady. If they end up dropping the light or even attract the guard with it, things might go against them. They will also be sure to not shine light onto face.

Going through these points will help you understand why you need these security guards to work for your house apart from spending money on the video surveillance system. One thing positive about this method is that it is not subtle or discreet. So, flashing such bright light will definitely make the guards notice it. That will make it easier to catch the culprit and reveal the face.

Others use infrared light:

There are some intruders, who are clever enough to use infrared laser directly into lens of camera. Yes, it is true that this method is subtle than flashing a bright light around, but it will also require the person holding the infrared light to be quite precise. In case, the infrared laser slips away from lens for an instant, the camera will then catch face. So, they are always going to try act in a quick and effective manner just for avoiding detecting.

Well, they can’t possibly get away with infrared light if you have security dogs around. These dogs are trained to catch intruders with the power of their smell. So, if you have dogs by your side and they are well-trained, then the intruders will do nothing even with something as subtle as infrared laser. So, apart from the main machines, some extra help is always welcome for safeguarding security.

Author Bio:

Sujain Thomas is a Technical Support Specialist at Invision Security Group. She has a degree in Applied Computer Technology, and over 4 years of experience in the security camera industry. She has in-depth knowledge of security products and is a master at online guide creation. Her easy to follow guides allow users to learn and execute complex functions offered by security products.