What is Kernel Security Check Failure and How Do We Fix It?

Kernel Security Check Failure

Your work may be interrupted by an error; kernel security check failure also represented as STOP Code: 0x000000139 and many likely, that is the particular reason why it is you are reading this report.
Kernel security check failure error seemed on BSOD, Blue Screen of Death, which Thank God, today is more demanding than before and doesn’t frighten you to death. Nevertheless, you start getting worried about your information that you believe would get lost and you will be back to square one. Quite fortunately, you are on the appropriate page, and we are right here to help you get through this.

Why does kernel safety check failure happen?

This mistake might result as a result of hardware and driver incompatibility, un-updated drivers, memory or hard disk difficulties. In whichever case, your windows either crashes entirely, and you cannot reboot in any respect, or even the BSOD screen looks several times throughout your use and then return to normal.
Before going on reinstalling your chimney, please bear with me and read the whole article. You may save yourself from additional attempts of reinstallation.

Driver updates

Reboot your windows, type device manager on the search tab and then get onto the window at which you would see a listing of drivers which are installed on your system. RIght click on every driver and see whether there’s an alternative for upgrading the driver. For all those drivers, then click on upgrade option for newly added updates in the particular site online automatically.

Diagnose if There’s a memory issue

Hope that your memory is not causing any problem. To diagnose this, you will need to conduct a Memory Diagnostic Assess which would scan the entire system via a thorough and protracted process the exact next time that your system will reboot. Get prepared for a couple of hours of idleness since it is going to have a good deal of time.

In case your system describes any matter with the memory, then it is time to replace your old RAM with a fresh one. Not that expensive, a RAM’s price varies with the sort of technology it utilises as well as the memory itself (e.g., 2GB, 4GB, etc..)

Download Easy Recovery Essentials for automatic repair

Easily available online, Easy Recovery Essentials is an excellent tool which may help you mend kernel security check failure. Essentially, you run this in your operating system to assess whether there’s a problem with memory or hard disk.

This may be a virus attack.

When the above-suggested techniques/problems are not clicking, then it is possibly a virus attack. Might be, has influenced the operation of your system. Look for the ideal antivirus software online and install it on your system.


It depends upon how severe kernel security check failure can turn out. Mentioning again, please investigate well before reinstalling a new copy of windows or fixing it. There are always much better solutions present.