Iphone 12: New Displays, Batteries and Cameras

There’s less time left before the iPhone 12 is presented. Even now, it is possible to open the season of active leaks. Let’s discuss some of them.

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In the fall, Apple will show four new smartphones. The iPhone 11 Pro Max will be the successor to the 6.7-inch smartphone. This “shovel” will receive a larger diagonal due to a small increase in the body, as well as flat side faces, “eating” a few millimeters.

iphone 12

The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro will have the same diagonal of 6.1 inches. Simultaneously, the conditional 12 Pro in size will not change, and the increase of the display will be due to flat side frames.

The biggest interest I have is the smallest iPhone, which will get a diagonal display of 5.4 inches. This smartphone’s size will be something of a middle ground between the size of the first and second-generation SE. It’s going to be small! The model’s approximate dimensions can be seen on this layout:


Previously, we thought that this small iPhone’s pixel density, which passes both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, would be identical to the density of the iPhone SE of both generations and will be 326 PPI. But no, it will be higher and will be about 425 PPI, just like “adult” iPhones.

This was reported by the authors of 9to5Mac, who thoroughly studied iOS 14 beta 3. They found new Display zoom metrics – scaling the screen. According to him, Apple makes a smartphone with smaller screen size. At the same time, the company achieves the ability to make the size of the text identical to that of large models of iPhones:

This small display will be 960 × 2,079 pixels.

But users will also be able to display content in a small amount.

By the way, all iPhones will be supplied with OLED displays, and “windows” will receive a frequency of 120 Hz.


Little is known about it yet. Let’s move on to the main rumors.

Both “pros” will get LiDAR similar to that in the iPad Pro (2020). It will be needed for augmented reality:

Both models will also receive a matrix stabilization of the main wide-angle camera, as in the large cameras and the recently released Vivo X50 Pro.

And in the small iPhone 12 mini and the successor to the iPhone 11 (conditional iPhone 12 Max), apparently, there will be only two cameras – wide-angle and ultra-wide.

Yesterday it became known that the cameras will get new autofocus. In its mechanism will refuse to use springs and move to balls. This was announced by Min-Chi Kuo exclusively 9to5Mac.


So far, the most difficult thing to trust is the rumors concerning the battery of future iPhones. It is reported that in the box of some models of iPhones (perhaps this applies to all models of future iPhone 12), there will be no power supply. In general:

 Sounds very unpleasant. The logic is clear: most buyers of new iPhones switch to them from the old ones. And, they say, they already have power supplies. Why produce new ones?

But that’s just these iPhones. Most users will have the first iPhone and will charge from the first charging. And so they will kill their beautiful devices. Terrible news!

But this logic is slightly contrary to another rumor. So, recently it became known that the regular Lightning cable – USB Type-C – will be put in the box with iPhones. It’s going to be in a cloth plop!

 It contradicts because not every user of iPhones has a power supply with USB Type-C. More precisely, only those who bought “perks” in 2019 or used additional accessories.

Here, by the way, is a photo of the new Lightning cables in the fabric spelling. White for iPhones, and black for future iMac Pro update:

Another unpleasant rumor is the conditional capacity of batteries of future iPhones. Previously, the capacity of three batteries became known:

  • A2471: 2227 mAh – it is supposed to be used in the smallest iPhone with a 5.4-inch display;
  • A2431: 2775 mAh – this battery must be installed in an iPhone with a 6.1-inch display;
  • A2466: 3687 mAh is the battery for the largest iPhone.

Now it has become known about the model of battery A2479. Its conditional capacity is 2815 mAh. MySmartPriceauthors have discovered information about battery certification.

According to the publication’s authors, this battery will be the successor to the iPhone 11 Pro. Like, the model should work longer.

I believe that this battery will get the iPhone 12 (or, as it is also called, the iPhone 12 Max). In this case, the link between the indices that start with the A247 code is clear. It’s also worth remembering that the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 are some of the longest-lived iPhones. And this line must be passed on to the successor! Do not forget the fact that the camera block in this iPhone will take up much less space.

In the production of processors, Apple will switch from 7-nm to a new process – 5-nm. This should have a good impact on energy efficiency, but only if these iPhones’ power will be close to the models of 2019. The single-crystal system Apple A14, which includes the central processor, the graphics core, the core for neuro-calculations, will physically decrease at similar power. In this case, the consumption of heat will be lower, and, accordingly, the chip will be more energy efficient.

But here it is worth remembering about the 5G modem, which in itself can consume a lot of energy. And how will Apple explain to iPhone owners why their smartphones don’t work as long as last year’s successful model? I don’t understand.

 But personally, I have little faith in this possibility. Our chief editor Sasha Pobyvants and I even had a hundred bet on it. I wonder if I’ll be able to win it back after losing the name iPhone SE (2020) – I thought it would be called the iPhone 9.